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Malayalam Full Movie Info Sarvopari Palakkaran is Upcomming Malayalam Movie 2016 –Director: Venugopan Cast: Anoop Menon, Miya George, Honey Rose.

Movie Sarvopari Paalakkarn

Sarvopari Paalakkarn, a story from the rubber milk place

Sarvopari Paalakkarn, a story from the rubber milk place..

A film is coming titled as “Sarvopari Paalakkaran” directed by Venu Gopan, in the movie Anoop Menon plays the hero role. Story and scripting handles by S. Suresh Babu. The cinematographer is Alby, the film reveals an interesting story which happens in Pala at Kottayam district. The place Pala is famous for different reasons, and the film tells the story of citizen lives in Pala.

There is a well known traditional house “Kaithapparambil” and where a powerful sexagenarian resides, Maanichan and the story develops through the character Jose, the son of Kaithapparambil Maanichan, Jose is a special branch officer, works at thrissur. He is un married and preparing for marriage, he is in search to get a girl as per his imagination and expectation.

For about one year, Jose the son of Maanichcan is in hard work to get a suitable bride. His bridal expectation was very different, he likes to own a disciplined, educated and beautiful girl and he always dreams such a bride to enter his life. Jose is lucky, at last he found a girl suitable to his ambitions, she was also a girl from Pala – Her name is Linta and Jose decided her as his future better half.

Linta is a college student at Kanjirappally, her family also well known and Jose believed the marriage proposal is much better in every aspect, Jose confirmed Linta is her bride and to marry. While Jose travelled officially , he found a girl in Thrissur at mid night, her name is Anupama Neelakandan, she is a theatre artist and their meeting in a mysterious situation was tensed and confused

Directed by Venugopan
Produced by
Written by
Starring Anoop Menon, Miya George, Honey
Music by
Edited by
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam
Malayalam Full Movie Info Sarvopari Palakkaran
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