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Genre Drama
Keywords Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho
Kunchacko Boban
Aju Varghese
Sidhartha Siva
Suraj Venjaramoodu

Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho (also known KPAC) is an upcoming Malayalam film written and directed by Sidhartha Siva. Film produced and starred by Kunchacko Boban marks the return (after 30 years) of Udaya Pictures, the first ever film production company in Malayalam cinema.The release scheduled during the festival of Onam in September 2016. The movie has got international recognition with Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho sharing the first look poster of the same on his Twitter page.

Other significant roles are done by Mukesh, Suraj Venjaramood, Aju Varghese, Nedumudi Venu, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Sudeesh, and Maniyanpilla Raju. The film’s title garnered significant attention since it carries the name of renowned writer Paulo Coelho.

Malayalam Full Movie Review Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

Malayalam’s prestigious banner “Udaya” revives:Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

A film is coming under Udaya, yesterday’s precious banner of Malayalam cinema and the founder was Kunchacko . The new generation never thinks of Udaya – once it was a production company dedicated to Malayalam cinema and there were lot of films star casted with Prem Nazir and Sheela came under this banner and they were the main promoters of Vadakkan Pattu cinemas in Malayalam. There were so many super hits came from Udaya and the banner was very famous all over south India.

Kunchacko Boban, Malayalam’s guaranteed hero actor is from Udaya family and now he tries to uplift the banner and to recover olden glitz and shine. The film Kochua Paulo Ayyappa Coelho is producing himself, the film is coming under the banner of Udaya, and Kunchacko Boban is the hero and it’s a happy news that the banner Udaya coming again with films. The history of Malayalam cinema is not complete without the presence of Udaya studio. Malayalam’s favorite hero Kunchacko Boban is the third generation offspring, and in olden days Kunchacko was the founder and then his son Boban Kunchacko – unfortunately Udaya became fade and it lost the glory, it has to confront big financial crisis and burden and Udaya vanished from the main stream of Malayalam cinema.

Now, the new generation youngster Kunchacko Boban is trying for an upliftment and he deserves appreciation. As everybody knows Kunchacko Boban is very smart and energetic he will definitely handle the responsibility to put again Udaya to the forefront of Malayalam cinema. Prem Nazir, the great personality was the permanent hero of Udaya films. Now Kunchacko Boban is in the front portion as the producer and the hero of the film. The director of the movie is Siddartha Shiva, and he is renowned both national and international scenario with the films like 101 Chodyangal and Ain and he supports sturdily for the coming back of Udaya banner. In the film, the character Kochauwa is living strong with the vision of genius Latin American Paulo Koylo “If we have an intense target, the nature would support us to fulfil” and basically Kochauwa is a very innocent local guy. He interferes unnecessarily to others problems and then he take the problems as his own, it’s a specialty of his character. But he doesn’t know to use wise and to escape from taking headed problems.

Kochua is very innocent, and the same reason caused him to face many problems and miseries. If he find a subject, he simply takes the problems headed, at the same time if another problems on his way, he would abandon the handling subject and he takes new head aches, this is the particular life style of Kochauwa. This is the story of Kochauwa Paulo and Ayyappa Coelho, the thread of the movie goes through the character Kochua, he is a person simply lives without income. The other character is Ayyappa Das; he is a 5th standard student and the same native of Kochua, but they meets at a critical situation in the story of this film.

They both lives with two different aims and in a situational juncture Ayyappa das interfere in the problems of Kochua and he interferes in the problems of Ayyappa Das. And from this point, they travel through the same path, but their targets are different and two, from this journey of the two in the same way with two different aims makes the cinema Kochauwa Paulo and Ayyappa Coelho – much interesting and different. The director of the movie Siddartha Shiva tells the story of Kochauwa and the lad Ayyappadas through the lines of Pavlo Coelho archives, and its true inspirational to the whole world.

The shooting of the film progressing at Idukki district, the location is Korangatti, near Adimaly. Kunchacko Boban is acting as Kochauwa and amster Rudraksh as Ayyappa das. Other star casts in the movie are Mukesh, Nedumudi Venu, E.Ranjendran, KPAC Lalitha, Sudheesh, Suraj Venjara Moodu, Aju Varghese, Musthafa, Irshad, Muththumani, Sree Devi Unni etc. The film is coming under the banner of Udaya films Pvt. Ltd, and Kunchacko Boban is the producer of the movie. The direction, story, scripting, dialogues are under Sidhartha Siva. Cinematography – Neel Dicoonja, Editing- Vineeb Krishnan. The film Kochua Paulo and Ayyappa Coelho is preparing for releasing, and the audience has to wait for finishing the shooting and post production. Yes, a best film is coming to entertain you.

HNS Team
Date published: 2016/09/09
3.10 / 5 stars

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Directed by Sidhartha Siva
Produced by Kunchacko Boban
Written by Sidhartha Siva
Starring Kunchacko Boban, Aju Varghese, Sidhartha Siva, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Muthumani
Music by
Cinematography Neil D Cuhna
Edited by
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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