S King Liar is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film King Liar is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film

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Malayalam Full Movie King Liar

King Liar
King Liar is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film written by Siddique-Lal and directed by Lal from the duo. It stars Dileep and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles. Produced by Ousepachan Valakuzhy under his production Ousepachan Movie House. The soundtrack and score are composed by Alex Paul and Deepak Dev. The film released on 2 April 2016.

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Movie Review

The team Siddique Lal strikes again and the movie “King Liar” just started its journey to break the box office records. Full length comedy is nothing new to the masters Siddique & Lal and these uncrowned kings of Malayalam cinema, now presents a King Liar to the viewers of all class to enjoy and laughter without any burden. Dileep is the King Liar and the nonstop humor is the soul of the film where the audience gets the feast of visual treats filled with situational comedies. King Liar ensures guaranteed entertainment to Kerala viewers from children to family and women.

Naren, the character played by Dileep is particular with his own habitual problems, when he was studying at 7th standard, tried in vain to steal and being catch in the principal’s room and out casted from the school. He is the son of the peon in the same school. The heroine Anjali is the daughter of the Principal and Naren has special interest in her and tries all hocus pocus to influence her. Naren strives many tricks to get the love of Anjali and he is always thinking of own her and his mind is full of romance and lies. The bitter realities of the past were a problem (the steal attempt and drop out from the school) and Naren keeps the matter hidden. The thread of the theme mainly touches to the efforts of Naren to hide his past and to influence her in every aspect and finally Naren wins, these situational comedies are very entertaining. The film targets family audience, children and women and King Liar the film will be in the track of big success. Lal is also a character as Varma, the M.D of a fashion designing company and has been forced to mingle with the complicated romance between Naren and Anjali. Or in other words “ Varma is a victim of Naren, he became addicted to the crookedness of Sathya Narayanan, the King Liar. Mr. Varma is at the edge of divorce and he is a person suffering with family disputes. His wife is Devika varma and in this juncture of detachment Naren tries certain tricks and Mr. Varma felts impression on him and he accepts him. Naren promises Mr. Varma to solve the problems and to avoid the divorce, Varma is ready to offer him anything he asks, he needs a happy joining together. Naren takes the responsibility to make a successful joining of Varma and Devika and flews to Dubai. This film has certain fragrance of “Spadikam and My Boss”, but the entire move of “King Liar” is beyond the pattern of the above said movies. King Liar Naren is character with crooked mind filled with full of lies, fruits the ambition of Varma (who believes his wife Devika would never join him) and at the same time very successfully obtains the fulfillment of his own deep aspiration to marry Anjali.

The Siddique Lal effort “King Liar”is a film gives enormous laughter and thinking’s and beside some tears. King Liar is a guaranteed family entertainer and uplifts the relevance of the need for “coming again good family entertainers” like before.

HNS Team
Date published: 23/03/2016
3.5 / 5 stars

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Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew King Liar

Directed by Lal
Produced by Ousepachan Valakuzhy
Written by Siddique-Lal Dialogues: Bipin Chandran
Starring Dileep , Madonna Sebastian , Lal , Asha Sarath
Music by Deepak Dev Songs: Alex Paul
Cinematography Alby
Edited by Ratheesh Raj
Distributed by Graand Production
Country India
Language Malayalam

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