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Inspector Dawood Ibrahim also referred to as IDI is an Indian Malayalam action-comedy film directed by Sajid Yahiya. The film stars Jayasurya in the title role and Sshivada, Joju George and Sunil Sukhada in important roles. The soundtrack and background score is composed by Rahul Raj while Sujith Sarang handles the cinematography and is edited by Shameer Mohammed.

IDI-Inspector Dawood Ibrahim Malayalam Movie Review

 IDI-Inspector Dawood Ibrahim

The new film Jayasurya starrer “IDI” or Inspector Dawood Ibrahim released all over Kerala, and it has everything that you would prefer from a action, comedy thriller, directed by Sajith Yahiya. In all releasing centres, the same IDI or punch in English from the part of audience to see the film first is interesting. The reports says IDI is good entertainer especially shaped to fruit the cinematic passion of youngsters,

in all releasing centres of Kerala have the great initial pull and a majority are youngsters below 30 and sophomores. IDI is the debut movie of Sajith Yahiya and the actor Jayasurya is at the peak of action, and film includes many risky sequences, and as a police officer Jayasurya performed superb. As you know, Jayasurya is an actor always taking interests to perform with character differentiations ,

here in this movie he achieves the claps from the audience and may be the superstardom awaits him nearby, whatever be the film IDI is a good family entertainer and it enlarges the bravery characterise of a single, none other than Jayasurya , the inspector Davood Ibrahim.The hero Jayasurya as sub inspector Davood Ibrahim is a very sturdy minded youth, he fights against corruption and injustice and perhaps this film will be bridging Jayasurya in to super stardom.

Davood Ibrahim is a born rich character plays by Jayasurya holds an ambition from younger age to become a police officer and he has been frequently seeing and addicted to the police officers in cinemas, played by superstars . At last his desire to become a police officer come true, and the result is “sub inspector Dawood Ibrahim”.

The first posting is at Hosanahally and Dawood has many dreams and expectation about his first stepping in to police Department. Hence, everything has broken, while he entered Hosanahally police station he has been experiencing the worst.The location of the movie is at Karnataka, The heroine in IDI opposite to Jayasurya is Shivada,

and in the film Shivada plays as character Nithya, she is a Bank employee and also a feminist. Her bold character has to special mention and in this film, there is a robbery in the bank is happening and the story of the movie gets certain change. She fights against the Bank robbery attempt and Shivada is not using the help of dupes.

The Hosanahally police station is under the rule of Varkey. It has taken 18 years to taking charge for an S.I to Hosanahally police station and its sub inspector Dawood Ibrahim and the situation wholly changes and the impact and effects are the story of the film. Jayasurya is in high expectation, very interestingly he says “the role of inspector Dawood Ibrahim is very special and he is enjoying acting the role.

IDI is the debut directorial movie of SajithYahia. It’s big budget movie spending near 6 crores and the location are Kasaragodu, Mangalapuram and Fort Cochin. IDI the film is an entertainer in every aspect and there are stunning fights in this movie, the fight scenes where shoot in the Mangalpuram port and in the coal fields, the fights sequences are really adventurous and Jayasurya has dedicated to fights. The producers of IDI are Dr. Ajas and Arun under the banner of Majic Lantern. Story, script and dialogues are undertaken by Arosirphan. Undoubtedly, the film IDI is a good family entertainer .

Date published: 2016/08/12
3.5 / 5 stars

Malayalam Full Movie Story IDI-Inspector Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (Jayasurya) is an honest police officer, who was from a rich family. His ambition to become a police officer stemmed from the numerous police movies he watched as a kid with his favourite heroes in them. After striving for his goal, he eventually becomes a Sub Inspector in the police force and is posted for duty in Hosahalli. On arriving to the station, he is shocked to discover the state of the police station, as it is broken down and ill-maintained. There were only 2 police officers stationed there, one is head-constable Kuttan Pilla (Sunil Sukhada) and female officer Angel Mary (Molly Kannamaly). Dawood is also surprised to see that the cases he has to deal with are minor petty cases of such as small scale theft of chickens to normal pick pocketing. The problems that Dawood encounters in his first posting and how he endures his duties for the first time ever are what the film is about.

Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew IDI-Inspector Dawood Ibrahim

Directed by Sajid Yahiya
Produced by Dr.Ajaz,
Written by Sajid Yahiya
Arouz Irfan
Rajeev Kovilakam
Starring Jayasurya
Music by Rahul Raj
Cinematography Sujith Sarang
Edited by Shameer Muhammed
Distributed by Magic Lantern Productions
Country India
Language Malayalam

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The film is scheduled to release on 12 August 2016…

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