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Genre Romance, Teen Movie
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Malayalam Full Movie Info Aanandam is Indian Malayalam film written and directed by Ganesh Raj in his directorial debut. The cinematography for the film is handled by Anend C Chandran and music composed by Sachin Warrier. Vineeth Sreenivasan produces the film under the banner of Habit Of Life and Vinod Shornur for Cast N Crew.

The film features Vishak Nair, Anu Antony, Thomas Mathew, Arun Kurian, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew and Anarkali Marikar in the lead roles

Malayalam Full Movie Review Aanandam

Aanandam, the raining of Joy at Kerala Theatres..

The film “Aanandam” released all over Kerala and obviously the film gives the fragrance of a super hit, the story touches the inroads of adolescent love and the film has some forcible and young sophomores engaging loving each other. The film Aanandam is like a touring to enormous happiness. Vineeth Sreenivasan is the producer. Aanandam has everything that you would prefer from a best entertainer especially created for teenagers and college going students, but the film ensures a visual treat to all age group.

Aanandam is basically an adolescent life story dexterously threaded with pure innocent love and friendship, obviously the film gives the nostalgic feel to elder viewers, any way Aanandam is like a celebration where love and friendship blooms .An industrial visit held for 4 days, and during this short span of 96 hours, the entire team enjoys and experiences the evokes of friendship, the intimacy psyche of love. Diya, Varun, John and a few others are the main characters in the movie.

Though Aanandam is not a film keeping a different climax, the life in the film better tuned and continued until reaches a stunning juncture, Aanandam is a guaranteed entertainer. Director Ganesh gives much promise and he handled the movie without a single slip from his control over Aanandam. Aanandam is not a big cinematic happening, but Aanandam is a simple narrated celluloid venture where love and relationship takes the main role in the cinema.

Ananadam has certain high lights, Nivin Pauly and Renjith Panicker performed in Anandam as guest appearance, their involvement has to special mention, they both acted well even for some single frames. Remember it was Vineeth Sreenivasan who has given first opportunity to Nivin Pauly act in “Malarvaadi Arts Club”, Vineeth Sreenivasan was the director and he supported Nivin for film entry. Now, in the movie Aanandam, the producer Vineeth Sreenivasan soft touches Nivin to act in his first producing movie.

When Nivin Pualy and Renjith Panicker being parted to Aaanandam , the film reaches in a detour and the audience in the theatres feels some extra auspicious, the film includes some beautiful melodious songs, the new comers really suitable to their characters, undoubtedly all are future promises, they have the stock and capacity to act , they’re talented. The 4 day Industrial Visit and the combination of pairs, their innocence, their emotions and love – everything filmed exceptionally well and ultimately Aanandam is film targets the heart of entertainment.

Anandam tells the sophomoric story of very youngsters between the age group of 18 to 20 years. In their world they won’t gives any importance to their parents, the cinema is only their win world. The cinema reveals everything that the director experienced and witnessed. Whatever be, the film Aanandam is a teenage movie, but director Ganesh Raj and Vineeth Sreenivasan are targeting all age audience, un disputably the film Aanandam will be an enjoyable movie to audience all class without age constraint. Without crossing the teenage, no one reaches youngster, middle age and aged , so there is no doubt Aanandam is a movie especially created for the audience from 16 to too aged and the film will be an experiencing movie to yet not reached the teenage.

HNS Team
Date published: 21/10/2016
4 / 5 stars

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Directed by Ganesh Raj
Produced by Vineeth Sreenivasan
Written by Ganesh Raj
Starring Vishak Nair
Anu Antony
Thomas Mathew
Arun Kurian
Siddhi Mahajankatti
Music by Sachin Warrier
Cinematography Anend C Chandran
Edited by Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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