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Genre Thriller
Genre Action
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Pulimurugan,The Wild Hunter is a forthcoming Indian Malayalam-language action film directed by Vysakh starring Mohanlal in the titular role. It is the first independent screenplay from Udayakrishna of the Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas duo writers. The film is being produced under Mulakupadam Films by Tomichan Mulakupadam, features film score and soundtrack composed by Gopi Sunder with cinematography handled by Shaji Kumar. The film, which commenced production in July 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam, is scheduled for release on 7 July 2016, coinciding with the Ramadan.The film was shot using Arri Alexa XT camera for principal photography. Peter Hein handles the fight choreography

Malayalam Full Movie Review Pulimurugan

Pulimurugan Review

The most anticipated movie Puli Murugan released all over Kerala stations, and the Malayalam audience are in auspicious, as per the reports Puli Murugan is a stunning movie, the released theatres are enormously crowded and every where there is celebrity mood.Yes, the film Puli Murugan is a cinematic celebration, from children to aged the audience whole heartedly accepted Puli Murugan. The film is a mighty happening after the Kabali releasing in Kerala and the film is a giant movie spend multi millions.

The hero emperor in the Malayalam cinema “Mohan Lal”, acts as tiger trainer in Puli Murugan. . Mohan Lal takes high risk to act as Puli Murugan, because of this film has so many adventurous sequences including fight with Tiger. Animal training is a job where danger hides, and always there is possibility for un expected attack from animals and may be cause death. Here is the relevance of Mohan Lal, he is acting without duping and with high risk. The film Puli Murugan would have everything that you would prefer from a bold and courageous actor like Mohan Lal.

The tag line of the movie is “The wild hunter” and the film nothing reveals except the character Mohan Lal. The center character Murugan is very bold and courageous, plays by Mohan Lal he is living in the dense forest and he is a tiger trainer and this character Murugan keeps a mysterious nature and he hides every suspense in mind. He has a wife and daughter and Kamalini Mukherji acts as the character, the wife of Mohan Lal. Kamani Mukherji and Namitha are heroines, and the villain against Mohan Lal is Jagapathy Babu. Namitha is in a guest appearance. The hero emperor in the Malayalam cinema Mohan Lal has given 3 months for the shooting of Puli Murugan and perhaps this film will be the most days spent cinema of Mohan Lal.

The movie Puli Murugan is a mile stone in the history of Malayalam cinema, and it has a wide range of actors from all languages of India. The director of this mighty movie is Vyshakh and Tomichan Mulakupadam is the producer. Puli Murugan is a mega big budgeted movie and it can be defined as an amazing mighty movie.

Uday Krishna is the script writer, and he is individually writes the script without associating Sibi.K .Thomas Shaji is the cinematographer and music by Gopi Sunder. Puli Murugan is a super action thriller movie and the fight and action director is Peter Hayn, he is the most valued stunt master. In this film there are thrilling fights especially Mohan lal fights with tigers.

In the forest, the house of Murugan has set and it’s in bank of a forest stream. Murugan is absolute a wild personality and he lives in the dark forests, he know the pulse of the forest and also the forest knows Murugan. He is leading a thrilling life in the forest; he has a wife and daughter. Murugan has been forced to take a mission un expectedly and thus so many other persons came to the life of him in different situations and this is the background of the movie.

HNS Team
Date published: 07/10/2016
4.5 / 5 stars

Malayalam Full Movie Story Pulimurugan

Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew Pulimurugan

Directed by Vysakh
Produced by Udayakrishna
Written by Udayakrishna
Starring Mohanlal
Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapati Babu, Kishore Lal
Music by Gopi Sunder
Cinematography Shaji Kumar
Edited by Johnkutty
Mulakuppadam Films
Distributed by Mulakupadam Release
Country India
Language Malayalam
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Malayalam Full Movie Info Pulimurugan
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