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Genre satirical comical road movie
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Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu (English: Goat is a Dangerous Animal) is a 2015 Malayalam satirical comical road movie written and directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. The cast includes Jayasurya, Vijay Babu, Vinayakan, Saiju Kurup, Srinda Ashab, Sunny Wayne, Renji Panicker, Sandra Thomas, Bhagath Manual, Chemban Vinod Jose, Indrans, Dharmajan, Biju Kuttan, Vineeth Mohan, and Harikrishnan. It was produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas under Friday Film House.

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The film opens in Bangkok, Thailand, with a dangerous henchman named Dude (Vinayakan) being roped in by his boss, to fetch an exotic herb known as Neelakkoduveli, which is said to bring eternal fortune to its bearer. Somewhere in Kerala, Shaji Paappan (Jayasurya) is the captain of a tug-of-war team hailing from the high range, known officially as Winners Pothumukku. All the members are illiterate young men who are into a carefree lifestyle including alcohol and outing. They manage to win a tournament and celebrate. Along with the cash prize and the trophy, they also receive a female goat as well, even though the tournament secretary had promised that they will receive a male one. Lolan (Harikrishnan), one of the team members, names the goat “Pinky”. Shaji is a misogynist, which is revealed to be a result of his wife (Srinda) eloping with his unfaithful driver (Aju Varghese). He allows the goat (whose gender greatly irked him) inside his van, after Arakkal Abu (Saiju Kurup) assures he will slaughter it and have it as barbecue.

The decision lands them into a slew of hilarious problems, as the team crashes into a tree, with a coconut falling on the head of Captain Cleetus (Dharmajan Bolgatty), leaving him insane. As the team expects Arakkal Abu to do the slaughter, he breaks down, revealing his ruthless nature to be a mere hoax. This drives Shaji Paappan mad, who determines to eliminate the goat at any cost.

After a few failed attempts, they accidentally run into inspector Shameer (Vijay Babu). He is also known as Sarbath Shameer, for his habit of ramming the culprits’ forehead on a lemon placed on a table, and drinking its juice. As Shameer interrogates the team on grounds of drunken driving, Menaka Kanthan (Sandra Thomas), an animal welfare activist, intervenes, pressing charges of unnatural sex offense upon the team. However, the team are found innocent and allowed to go.

In the meantime, Dude and his boys arrive in Kerala in search of Neelakkoduveli which is now in possession of Satan Xavier (Sunny Wayne), a high-profile drug dealer in the high range. Kanjavu Soman makes a deal with Dude to retrieve the herb from Xavier. En route, Soman was robbed of the chest containing Neelakkoduveli, by masked assailants wearing caps. He reports the mishap to Dude. Shaji Paappan and the team runs into the henchmen of Dude coming into the scene. Shaji is knocked out cold and Abu, along with Pinky are captured hostage. Dude believes Abu to be the thief, as he was wearing his traditional cap, similar to Soman’s assailants.

Somewhere else, a veteran left wing leader named P.P Sasi (Indrans) gets into legal trouble as he foolishly discloses the politically driven murder hits to the public. When the police comes to arrest him, Sasi elopes from their clutches. As Shaji Pappan is worried about Abu and Pinky, a ransom video sent to the team by Dude’s boys betray the location of their hideout. Shaji and friends rush to the place and rescues Abu and Pinky. However, they run into Shameer, and later into Dude who madly opens fire. In the end, Abu and Pinky are captured once again.

With new lead in hand, Shameer apprehends Soman and Hakkim (Chemban Vinod Jose), the right-hand man to P.P Sasi Aassaan, to counter his armed adversaries. Shaji Paappan unwillingly decides to seek help from his elder brother (Renji Panicker) who was indirectly responsible for their father’s death. For the same reason, Shaji hates him. Fully armed, the team confronts Dude and his boys. However, they are betrayed by an unexpected downpour, which renders their near century old rifles useless. Nevertheless, Dude and his boys are beaten up, thus saving Abu and Pinky.

Refusing to give up, Dude pulls out his gun towards Shaji. But out of nowhere, Shaji’s brother arrives and manages to shoot the gun away. However, he is revealed to be a poor marksman like before, and runs away on seeing the police beside the gang. Sasi, who was hiding in an empty water tank, is exposed out of his hiding. Shameer apprehends the bad guys, leaving Shaji and friends on their own.

Shameer is being praised by his superior officer, on uncovering the Neelakkoduveli scam. However, tables turn against Shameer instantly, when the presented trunk is found to contain merely cowdung.

In the windup events that follow, many things come to light. Soman, without having any intention to hand over Neelakkoduveli to Dude, had switched the exotic chest with a decoy trunk filled with dung. As he was getting away with the valuable chest, he runs into an elephant pit, accidentally throwing the chest outside. When Soman came back to his senses, he discovered in horror that Pinky had eaten away Neelakkoduveli from the then open chest. The power of the exotic herb rendered Pinky auspicious, though the new fact is oblivious to everybody else. Satan Xavier ran out of luck due to the transfer of Neelakkoduveli, resulting in his weed forest being burned down by police. Also, Shameer gets suspended due to his negligence, which then results in getting himself beaten up by the vengeful public. Without being able to retrieve the herb, Dude decides to finish off Soman.

The film culminates when Pappan sells off Pinky to a butcher. On the sight of the little goat being dragged away followed by his friends’ grievances, he feels a stroke of empathy. As he calls the goat, he meets a girl with the same name (Swathi Reddy). His friends are delighted to see Pinky safe and Shaji Paappan having found his prospective wife, which was apparently due to the charm of the young beast.

Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew Aadu

Directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas
Produced by Vijay Babu
Sandra Thomas
Written by Midhun Manuel Thomas
Starring Jayasurya , Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan , Renji Panicker

Music by Shaan Rahman
Cinematography Vishnu Narayan
Edited by Lijo Paul
Distributed by Friday Tickets
Country India
Language Malayalam

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