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My Boss is a 2012 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Jeethu Joseph, starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles and Mukesh in a cameo appearance. It is the third film by Jeethu Joseph. The film is produced by East Coast Vijayan under the banner of East Coast Communications. It was filmed in Mumbai and various locales in Kerala.

The film is a loose remake of the 2009 Hollywood film The Proposal. The film is set in the backdrop of the IT industry. The film follows Manu Varma (Dileep) who’s hired as the executive assistant in a leading firm in Bombay who aspires to migrate to a foreign country while Priya Nair (Mamta), his boss, an Indian born Australian citizen has visa problems at a time when she has the opportunity to get a promotion. This leads Priya to get into a fake marriage with Manu to stay in India.[4] My Boss released in Kerala on 10 November 2012 to positive reviews and was declared a hit.

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Manu Varma (Dileep) lands in Bombay to join an IT firm, Quadra Infortek, as executive assistant to C.M.O Priya S. Nair (Mamta Mohandas). He has a B Tech degree and passed with distinction in 2004 but has no work experience until 2013. Priya is shocked seeing his reports and his distinction and asks why chose this job; he says it’s because of family problems. Manu’s boss Priya, an Australian citizen, is a witch of a woman. She verbally abuses her subordinates and criticizes them for the slightest mistake. Manu Varma works his heart out for three months under his cruel boss. He is ably supported by an ‘all in one’ errand boy, Ali. Manu gets his chance to hit back at his boss when she has visa issues and is expecting a promotion to company head.

Priya cooks up a story that she is in a relationship with Manu and they will soon be married. They act as lovers which leads to several comic scenes. Then Manu meets Priya’s rival, Matthew, who is fighting for the same promotion. To take revenge on Priya, Manu and Matthew agree to keep Priya away from the office for 30 days. Therefore, Manu convinces Priya that she has to come to Kerala to meet his family so that if any further investigations take place the investigators will be convinced by Manu’s family’s statement. Manu takes his “bride” to his home in Kerala. There it is revealed that he is very rich with a palatial home and acres of farmland. He has a loving mother and doting grandmother. He had left home because he had frequent fights with his father (Saikumar), who was against Manu seeking a job and wanting to migrate to a western country. Gradually, Manu tries to make the family accept Priya by making her do many odd tasks, thus taking revenge on Priya as well. However, Priya softens and both fall in love with each other. Priya finally reveals that she is the boss of Manu and that they were only acting as husband and wife. This shocks Manu’s parents. She leaves for Mumbai without telling Manu.

Manu also goes to Mumbai and comes to know that she resigned and agrees to give her promotion to Matthew. Manu proposes to Priya which leaves her stunned. Manu says sorry and is about to leave. Priya suddenly pulls him back and kisses him. Finally she accepts his proposal. They get married and live happily.

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Directed by Jeethu Joseph
Produced by East Coast Vijayan
Written by Jeethu Joseph
Starring Dileep
Mamta Mohandas
Music by Gopi Sundar
Sejo John
M. Jayachandran
Cinematography Anil Nair
Edited by V. Saajan
Distributed by Manjunatha & Kas
PJ Entertainments Europe
Country India
Language Malayalam

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