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Bavuttiyude Namathil (English: In the name of Bavutty) is a 2012 Malayalam drama part-thriller film produced and written by Ranjith, directed by G. S. Vijayan, and starring Mammootty, Kavya Madhavan, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Kaniha, Rima Kallingal and Vineeth. The film was earlier titled as Malabar.

G. S. Vijayan returned to directing after a hiatus of 12 years to create Bavuttiyude Namathil. The film was released on 21 December 2012

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Mammootty plays Bavutty, a chauffeur in a wealthy household. He is much more than a driver; he is very much part of the family. For Sethu (played by Shankar Ramakrishnan), his employer, life is all about making money, but Bavutty is a simple man with small dreams. Kavya Madhavan plays Vanaja, Sethu’s wife, while Kaniha appears as Mariam, a housemaid. Bavutty is also acting in a small scale movie called Malabar which Vanaja is producing. Rima Kallingal plays the role of Noorjahan, a tuition teacher.

In the meanwhile, a scene is shown where Vanaja’s daughter takes a condom and fluffs it like a balloon. Vanaja asks for the condom, but her daughter refuses to give it back.

The story takes on a twist when Vanaja’s ex-lover Satheeshan (Vineeth) shows up. At first Vanaja thinks that he has come out of his poverty to seek help and tries to help him. But later, it is revealed that he has come to blackmail her and to squeeze out huge money. Satheeshan tells Vanaja that if they don’t pay him 10 lakh rupees, he will tell her husband that Vanaja was already once married before her marriage with Sethu. Bavutty tries to sell his land and give off the ransom, but Bavutty’s ally Alavi (Harisree Ashokan) beats up Satheeshan with the help of goons. Satheeshan talks about this to Bavutty which Sethu overhears. Sethu at first decides to break up with Vanaja but Bavutty cools him down and the marriage is saved. In the end, Bavutty is seen still giving 10 lakh to Satheeshan after selling his land and advising him to earn his bread and butter from now on and never to beg again.

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Directed by G. S. Vijayan
Produced by Ranjith
Written by Ranjith
Starring Mammootty
Kavya Madhavan
Rima Kallingal
Music by
Cinematography Manoj Pillai
Edited by
Distributed by Seven Arts, PJ Entertainments & Tricolor Entertainments
Country India
Language Malayalam

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