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“Seetha” (2010) is a dramatic family movie. Starring Shivaji, Meera Jasmin, Prakash Babu, Sangeetha, Venu Madhav, Chandra Mohan, Anuradha & others. Directed by Rajavannom Reddy. In simple line we may say this movie as a portfolio of Woman’s sorrow and her great sacrifice. Throughout the movie the highlight is the sacristy of Indian Woman also bounds the Indian Culture. Seetha is a pretty girl in a village. But she has a great family. Rajendran is her uncles’s son and he wishes to marry her. Surya is Rajendran’s brother but born in another woman. The Movies stories goes through these two brothers. Priya is an innocent woman who got traped in a sex racket. Rajendran’s father was actually dead because of Surya’s bad deeds. The two brothers are filed a suite in court for the authority in their father’s properties. hence the two sides are always stuck in clashes and fights. Seetha enters the scene in the scenario.
The movie starts with Seetha’s arrival after her studies in College. At the beginning the movie goes behind Rajendran & Seetha. Seetha doesn’t show much afection to him. But actualy she loved him lot. She was playing a hide & seek. Mean while Priya comes to that village with her so called aunt. Priya is still a virgin. Her aunt arranges a dance event and invites all major rich fellows. All gets impressed in her. But Surya snatches her from Rajendran’s hands. But he was not interested in her. Accidentally that night he gets in intercourse with her in a drunken state. Priya gets Pregnant. The next movie goes to the Marriage in between Seetha & Rajendran. Rajendran tells the truth in first night and from then the issues starts. Rajendran allows Priya to stay in one of his out houses. And she worked in his paddy field. Priya tries for abortion beacuse she never want to make any harm to Rajendran. Mean while Seetha also gets pregnant. And she gives birht to a child. Priya too. Surya comes to kill the kids after hearing the court order to hand over all the properties to Rajendran. What may be the climax? Will Rajendran Marry Priya? What may happen to the kids? For all answers switch to full movie brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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