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“Kutty Pattalam” ,2010 is a Malayalam Movie, (Dubbed from Tamil Movie “Pasanga” – 2009 ). Staring Vimal, Vega Tamotia, Jayaprakash Kishore, Sreeram and others.Directed by ‘Pandiraj” .”Kutty Pattalam” is a simple Kid’s movie, but at it’s the movie reveals very touching messages to the society. So can’t limit the movie as a Child Classic. From beginning to end the movie has it’ own simplicity. Movie goes on through Four kids  Anil, Jeeva, Parippu Vada,& Kutty Mani, who are 6th Class students in a remote village.  Gopalakrishnana is Anil’s father. Who is an intrepreneur.  Peethambaran is his brother who is an LIC agent. Anil’s Mother is Manohari. Jeeva’s Sister is Shobhakumari who is a School teacher. Jeeva’s father him self is a teacher where all ares studying. Movie goes on a very breezy way.
The story unfolds in a dry barren village. Anil is a protagonist who wants to excel in his life as a Collector and is an encouraging child, , on the first day of school. Jeeva develops instant dislike for Anil. The good-hearted Anil tries to befriend Jeeva. However, Jeeva continues to hate Anil with a passion. Later  Manonmani , Jeeva’s cousin, who develops affinity towards Anil. This only makes Jeeva detest Anil further. Not only Anil excels in academics but also in extracurricular activities, contributes to widening the rift between the two.Anil’s parents have diiferent opinions at Life which develops fight between them and also turns out to be a positive for Jeeva to hurt Anil further. A fight between Anil and Jeeva escalates to involve their parents and this results in strife between their respective families as well.Even though as elders,they soothe out and solve the rift between them when Jeeva’s father tells the importance of forgiving in life as from his experience to Anil’s father which makes him go along in a good way with his wife. However, in a twist,  Shabhkumari falls in love with Peethambaran this invites the good intimacy between both families. Mean while Jeeva arranges some folks to hurt Anil, but at the end of their 6th grade,when Jeeva;s father asks everyone to a write a letter about their past year good/bad happenings which makes Anil and Jeeva share their feelings about one another. Anil shares his likings towards Jeeva while Jeeva stands as he was in the beginning.Manonmani makes Jeeva understand the coming of Anil has changed his life to a good living being.All of a sudden Anil meets with an accident. So what may be the climax will Anil overcome it? Will Jeeva realize the true friendship of Anil? Watch on full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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