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Directed by Vijay P Nair
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Starring Siddique, Shanthi Krishna
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Varanamaalyam (1994) is a malayalam dramatic family movie. Directed by Vijay P Nair. Starring Sidhique ,Madhu ,Sudheesh ,Shanthikrishna ,Janardhanan  & others. Varanamalyam means the marrying flower garland.Movie says about the people’s greed of money over relations. Yes, some time in or lives the money holds the top priority over blood relations. Money is such a complicated subject because there are so many emotions around it. Most of the decisions we make concerning it are personal, and therefore affect us in a personal way. The way we view money is influenced by our upbringing, culture, family, friends, and relationships.Our past directly relates to our money mindset and our ability to conceive what money can and cannot do.When conflict over money arises between people who have a close relationship, the conflict is a microcosm of the haves-versus-have-nots.  There exists a war between the person with money and the one without, as long as they function in this society’s value system.  The culture is rotten to the core if the institution of family is vulnerable to schism and fighting over money. The greed towards money makes the people aggressive and rational. Some times they forgets about the words they speak off and forgets about the depth of wounds it creates in the hearts of their bellowed ones.
In this movie we can see a lawyer Bharathan Varma, who is a criminal lawyer. He represents the a greedy community who is blind for money.Culprit or innocent, he will take cases which are paying high. He never stood in the side of true justice. Even if he is from a royal family, his contact and client list was full of criminals, rich criminals to be precise. Vasumathi was his cousin and his love from child hood. But now he loves money more than her. She is now a lecturer. Her father Rajashekharan is the present collector. He was a very straight forward and honest public servant. He was a very good father. K. V Thomas who had so much influence in the government one day got into a dispute with Rajashekharan. He tried to bribe him but he absolutely refused. Thomas approached Bharathan and offered a good money to solve this. He threatened Rajashekharan with the life of his daughter. Being a good father he resigned. When Vasumathi came to know this she felt so much disappointment but her intense love to Bharathan dried it down. Her colleague and best friend Sisili filed in a car accident. But Vasumathi saw the driver, who was the son of Thomas. She filed a suite but Bharathan appeared for the opposition. His tactics won as usual. She stepped back from the marriage and decided to marry her colleague, Venugopal. But Bharathan Varma threatened him and he married another. Vasumathi took care of Vinu, Sisili’s son. These all are a flash back in story. Movie begins with a murder scene. Where Vinu’s lover Soumya got murdered in a college tour. He was arrested under suspection. Upon Vasumathi’s request Bharathan took the case. So what may be the climax? Will Vinu be set free? Will Vasumathi get her life back? Watch full movie and reveal it.


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