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Sathyaprathinja (1992) is a Malayalam Action and Dramatic movie directed by Suresh Unnithan. Murali, Suresh Gopi, Jagathi Sreekumar and Geetha did the major roles in the film. Directed by Suresh Unnithan Direction. C. K Achuthan nair is a straight forward communist. Throughout the movie the story line goes around him. Where as the movie lights to the immense suffering and tortures gained by communist activists in the late 70s and 80s. Sreedharan is his friend who also suffered a lot in his young lives.
The Movie starts with the oath of C. K Achuthan nair (Murali) as the C.M of Kerala.Mathew Stephan ( a police officer) comes to see him, and he recollects the flash back, in which he brutally tortures him & his freind, sreedharan (suresh gopi). Achuthan Nair  is very hard core communist. His party leaders pressures him to do bribery.He don’t give ears to recommendations and pressure. He got a Sister, Wife & Mother. The movie goes with the dramatic political scenarios and  the one man army show of Achuthan Nair. When he got the hot seat of a Minister every one including his relatives friends and every one goes to him  for bribery. But he never gives attention to it. He gets many enemies in politics from his own party. Since the day pasts every one gets into immense annoy and fed up with the new minister. later they all joins together against him, they all plan to assassinate him.  what may happen to Cm?? see the full movie ..


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