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Sarovaram (1993) is a Malayalam dramatic family cinematography. Starring Mammooty, Jayasudha, Thilakan, Shubha, Ashokan, Janardanan, narendraprasad and others. Typically “sarovaram” says about the family relations and their out bursts. In today’s life the family relations are more defined with money. The love and intimacy among bloods have fetch shade of money and selfishness. But among all these hard stuffs there are quite a few people, who keeps the true dignity and integration of love and admiration. Sarovaram blinks this in center theme. Neelakandhan Namboothiri is a famous classic singer. He’ve done many programs in temples and other occasions in many places. But he never made it as a profession. Since he is from a aristocratic family, he got a very good family wealth, of whcih he also managed a private bank and an exporting company. He had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Devadathan is his youngest child, with his birth his mother passed away. Damodaran is the eldest of the family, he is looking after the company now. Vishnu is Neelakandan’s son in law he is now in charge of his bank.Appunni is Neelandanda’s helper and close friend. Devu is Nelandan’s widowed daughter. Her 10 year old son is Kannan.Anandan & Rajalakshi are jointly running a dance school. Anandan’s wife is Saraswathy.
Movie starts with a musical program, Yesudas’ marvelous voice have give it a fabulous. Intro. He fells down with a cardiac arrest, every one rushes to hospital. In his bequeath he had written that all his wealth will be shared only after his death. Even if he is their father they wished to see him gone. This draws out a very pathetic social drop in culture. When we get old our children might think as a burden. It’s alike that. Mean while Neelakndan secretly send a telegram to his son Devadathan. Years back he pulled him out of the family, because of his bad habits. He went to Paris. He got the reply that he is coming back. From that moment the family gets upset. All feared to loose their shares. Finally he arrived. But the new Devadathan was quitely ashoke for all. He changed his attitude, he is now a very loving and caring man. His father became so relaxed and enrgetic as he got back his son. On the other hand Rajalakshmi started loving Devadathan. His personality and voice attract her. But Devadathan wanted to be a free bird. When things are going like this Devadathan inspected the bank accounts. He realized his sons and son in laws are making fool of him. They snatched lakhs of rupees. He lost his temper he commanded them to wipe out from home. Mean while Devadathan got arrested under suspicious circumstances for want of the missing of Rajalakshmi. The things started more complicated. So where is she? Will the clouds go off? What’s the dramatic end of the story line? Watch full movie. brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company


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