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Movie Name
Directed by Joshy Mathew
Written by Mani Shornur
Starring Babu Antony Charmila Innocent Nedumudi Venu
Music by Johnson
Cinematography J Williams
Edited by B. Lenin ,V. T. Vijayan
Released Year

Raajadhaani (1994) is a Malayalam action movie. Directed by Joshy Mathew. Starring Babu Antony ,Nedumudi Venu ,Baiju ,Innocent ,Charmila ,Geetha ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Janardhanan & others. Rajadhani means ‘The Highway”. Like mentioned in the title , movie speaks about the wild and arrogant whereabouts of some politicians. But movie does not stick into that subject only. Rajadhani also saying about a bunch of good hearts who takes good care of orphans.A large number of cases have come to light to indicate that the unholy alliance between the organized crime, the politicians and the bureaucrats have reached an alarming state.In many cases criminals are found to be aided an abetted by politicians and bureaucrats. The intelligence agencies have told that nexus between them has become a pervasive reality. Although the malady existed earlier at lower levels and in few states, it has now encompassed the whole network of administrative apparatus of the country. If one goes into the history of origin and development of this murky nexus, one finds that these organized cries commerce with petty crimes relating to illicit distillation, gambling, smuggling and sale of banned goods and narcotic. Obviously, these activities are carried on under the patronage of local administration and politicians. The money thus acquired by mafia is shared among the partners. This money is also used by mafia is building contacts with high bureaucrats and politicians..
In this movie you may see all these character line in one light. If we take a look at a glance, Rajamanikyam Naadar is a local business man. His intention and goal is to gain money any how. C.K Radhakrishnan is an example of the politician we speaks about He also want to fetch money. This story line is supposed to happen in a remote village called Meenakshipuram. Nadarajan is a funny guy, who is the current MLA. R.K Panikkar is a retird teacher now he is upto social services and take care of the orphans. He runs an Orphanage. Parvathi is one of them, she is a smart and educated girl. Rajamanikyam has been in pursuit of a distillery, but Panikkar wants a school instead of it. So the pull and push among the two are well known. Since the current excise minister was not willing to their plan. Rajamanikyam mixed poison in government liquor and a mishap occurred in which hundreds lost their lives. The minister had to give the resignation. C.K Radhakrishnan took charge as the next excise minister. He accelerated process for the distillery, he was also a partner. In order to retain the ministryship he had to go through by election. Nadarajan lost his ticket, and the Radhakrishnan moved forward with elections. Panikkar asked Parvathy to fight against him in the elections. She obeyed him. Asha Mathew IAS, who was the student of Panikkr done her best to take Parvathy into victory. Rajamanikyam invited his old friend Abbas to help him He was a gangster in Mumbai, he came along with his brother. The days of election was closing by, Abbas planned a tactical move to win the elections. What was that? Will the life destiny pay to their deeds? Watch full movie ‘Rajadhani”.


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