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“Raid” (1991) is a Malayalam Movie Of Crime Investigation Thriller. Directed by K. S Gopalakrishnan. Starring Vincent and others. One of the specialty of this movie is its a has a fog of unending mystery. More than that In this story these says about the Robbers, Criminals , Immoral Traffic Scumps. The police in there is inactive against this or keeps silent. This is the starting picture of the movie, But later it turns in to a very intense suspense thriller too. Pakkaran is a local criminal in a remote village, he is fonts off with robbery at nights.Some time together with his friends. Sathyasheelan is the Sub Inspector of Police in that Village. Throughout the movie you may see he is taking neutral steps against the crimes and criminals. This gives a mystery behind that Police Man. Panikar is an IPS officer who is in charge of new investigations
.      The movie starts with a theft scene of Pakkaran. He steals from a house and gives money to a Mysterious Man. He gives back a little of the share. From the following sequences we may understand it as a Police Vehicle and a Police Officer. Followed by a series of Crimes including Woman molesting, Murders and more. All people gather around the Police station and gives complaints. But the police takes no action. Day by day the murder and crimes multiplies and the social security of that whole place and city ruins. Then the Police Department appoints Panikar as a special officer. He takes the control of the city within days. By his tactical ways he founds the real hand behind the crimes. It is the real suspense of the Movie. Who is that? Is any new Character? Or Who may be that? Find the answer from the Movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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