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News paper boy, Mukesh ,Kalabhavan Mani ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Kalpana ,Suma Menon ,Cochin Haneefa ,Machan Varghese ,Meghanathan ,Nadirsha,Shaju ,Salim Kumar ,Reena
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Directed by Nissar
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Starring mukesh , kalpana , Jagathy Sreekumar
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Newspaper Boy (1997) is a malayalam comedy family movie. Directed by Nissar. Starring Mukesh ,Kalabhavan Mani ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Kalpana ,Suma Menon ,Cochin Haneefa ,Machan Varghese ,Meghanathan ,Nadirsha,Shaju ,Salim Kumar ,Reena. In many parts of the world the people are doing different kinds of cheating. Out of it one of the most inhuman cheating is VISA cheating. For the sake of a good job or for the sake of family, many poor people apply for jobs in gulf and other countries. But some dark hearted creatures takes it’s advantage. Since only a few gets the Visa approval, the so called agencies promises to sanction VISA for a pay. There are many good agencies too. But some of them deliberately cheats them and takes the money away. The poor fellows losses their money which they have fetched by intense struggle. The so called frauds makes millions from this. In some cases they use them for smuggling drugs without their knowledge. They assigns to carry packages to gulf and deliver in the first trip. But most of them gets caught and takes to prison in gulf. As we may know the sentence for such drug smuggling is immediate death. Many such sentences are because of VISA cheating. Government has started new rules and regulations to trap these bugs. But still in these days many people are cheated by VISA agents. The so called investigations are stuck after the ignition. This becomes the encouragement for many peoples to do such crimes. The agencies usually find their victims from the contact of one victim. They assigns him or her to canvas others. They offer a discount in VISA too. The poor fellow utilizes his all contacts and takes money on behalf of them. And when thy vanishes all the bitter words fell on his or her shoulders. In some rare cases the culprits are punished by law too. But it’s rare too.  This is the central highlight of the movie news paper boy.
In News paper boy Krishnankutti is the poor fellow who got cheated by the VISA agency. A person names K. G David Tharakan who mentioned himself as the owner of a sea food exporting company cheated Krishnankutty. He said he want 41 mazons to gulf. So if Krishnankutty arranges them all he will give Krishnan Kutty’s VISA for free. Seetha is Krishnankutty’s lover. She gives her chain for his share. Presently he was working as a drama artist in a local troop.His sister Prasanna & Husband Falgunan considered him a ATM. He has another sister too. His father was passed away long ago. He collected all shares of the 41 masons and handed to K. G David Tharakan. And like said, he vanished in to thin air. And the all caught in Mumbai airport with drugs in bags. Any how Krishnankutty manages to get bail. He started his search for tritors. He first met some thieves and pick pocketers namely Pyash, Pakki, Rasheed, Geetha and others. He joined with them for a ground level search. The S.I of police K.K. Thankappan accidentally taken him to custody and beat him brutally as an suspicions accused. The next day the police caught the real guy. So Ponnappan took him to hospital and admitted him. Krishnanaktty takes this as a chance. He asked a job in return as a favour for not reporting to superiors. With Ponnappan’s recommendation he went to see Jagaatheeshwarayyar, who is a multi millionaire and business hunk. When he went to see him, Jagatheeshwarayyar found him as lucky for him. So he requested to stay with him. Krishnankutty became very close to his 10 ear daughter Muthu. His intelligence and capability impressed Jagatheeshwarayyar. He got good salary. As all these going good. Krishnankutty was asked to take a guest from Airport. He went to take him. But after reachiing the airport he realized it’s the same K. G David Tharakan who cheated him. Now the movie stretches to climax. So what may happen in the climax? Will he can save the all 41 masons? Or any thing worse? watch this funny family movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


News paper boy
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