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“Neelakkurukkan” (1992) is a Romantic Movie. Directed by Shaji Kailas. Starring Asokan, Baiju, Ganesh Kumar, Mahesh, Manian Pilla Raju, Saikumar, Suchitra & Others. In one line its a complete Campus bonanza mixed with Romance and a bit of stunt. At the beginning you may feel the movie a bit desperate. But it’s just for a punch.The Movie goes on with four guys who are college mates and thick friends. The Gang includes Binoy, Rajeev, Sudheer & Nazar. All folks are font off with woman especially in the college. Out of them Binoy is a bit more aggressive in the matter of ladies. Illikoodan is a priest and also studies in the same college. Lalu Jose is a Medical representative and old friend of Binoy. Anitha is his fiance and her brother Sunny was a Customs officer. Rajani is the new face in college but a bit bold too. Khader is a criminal who is dealing with Brown sugar and other illegal businesses.
The Movie starts with a streaking road performance by the four blends. Followed by the college snaps. Mean while Rajani gets in to clash with four guys. Later Rajani gets in to a so called affair with Rajeev . Her only motto was to split these bunch apart. And she made it too. Then the movie goes in to another phase. Lalu comes with their invitation letter. And Binoy makes him a bit upset. Very next day Binoy accidentally takes a share in umbrella with Anitha. Unfortunately it shot in a TV channel. And Lalu sees it , he becomes irritated. He goes back from the marriage. Anitha decides to take revenge on Binoy. Then the movie goes on some dramatic moments, where as Anitha traps Benoy in a fake affair. Mean while Khader and his gang sees Anitha in TV. She was wanted for them to fetch back their lost drug bag. For which they had killed Sunny. They comes to Kidnap her. What might happen to Anitha? Will Lalu & Anitha Marry Again? What about Rajeev and Rajani? So many questions only one answer. Switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Neela kurukkan
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