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 Mimics Action 500 (1995) is a Malayalam comedy family movie. Directed by Balu Kiriyath. Starring Narendra Prasad ,Rajan P Dev ,Harishree Ashokan ,Navas ,Kottayam Nazeer ,Narayanan Kutty ,Chippy ,KPAC Lalitha ,Geetha Vijayan & others. What is humour? Humour is the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. It’s a human ability. There are many ways to create humour. Out of it mimicry has it’s dignity. What is mimicry? It is the action or skill of imitating someone or something, especially in order to entertain or ridicule. To perform mimicry the artist needs outstanding talents. Most people imitate their friends, neighbors, enemies, actors, actress, even animals. In ancient palaces, the kings appointed talented persons to make jokes. There were called as clowns. In modern world, the clowns are replaced by comedians and mimicry artists. In ancient days the mimicry and other humorous are performed in public stages, some time mixed with drama. In Kerala, the traditional art called “Chaakyaar Koothu” was blended with humour. In stage performances the comedian had to face real time challenge. But with the evolution of Television and Internet. The big shows are condensed into the walls of living room. Moreover we can watch our favourite shows again and again. Nowadays the reality shows are started with comedy as base subject. “I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all. ” is a famour quote from the great Abraham Lincoln. So this movie is a perfect comedy movie, which has the pure flavor of mimicry.
Like said, this movie is refined with mimicry, but it’s narrated through a very good family story. Manimala Mamachan & Sharada teacher were love married. Even if they were from two different religions, they lived with their own believs. They have 12 children. Half of them, Keshavankutti, Naranyana,kutti, Ramankutti, Krishnankutt, Shankarankutti & Sreekutty followed Hinduism and the other half, Georgekutty, Johnikutty, Jimmikuttu, pappukutty, Devassikutty & Babi kutty followed Christianity. Manimala family became the true example of secularism. Mamachan started many businesses for them. But because of their irresponsibility all of them ended up in vein. Finally he started a car work shop, but it also brought mess. The boys started to google in city in the car of customers. Finally they got an old van. Realising their inborn skills in mimicry they decided to start a mimicry troop. In the movie there are a couple of their so called “Mimics Action 500” comedy shows which are a sure shot pack of humour. Money, fame and happiness started to visit the Manimala family. But all ended in a short time.Mamachan’s old friend Thampan came in a night asking for a mysterious gift which he had given him years back. His sons Rajan, Suresh & Ramesh started to torture Mamachan’s sons asking the same. But even they don’t what exactly it is. At last Mamchan told the flash back. Aswathi Thirunal of Valiya Koyikkal palace had an affair with a minister’s son. He was killed, and she give birth to a girl. She is Sreekutty. Soon her mother died. Thampan give that child to Mamchan, which he is now asking back. She was the diamond of the family. The present King, her uncle want her back as his ancestor. Thampan kidnapped her to bargain. Now the movie leaps to climax. What may happen to her? Will she be saved? Will the Manimala family loss her? watch full movie.


Mimics action 500
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