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” Mayoora Nritham (1996) is a Malayalam dramatic classic family movie. Starring Beena Antony, Kanaka Latha, Madhupal, Mohini, Narendra Prasad, Vikram and others.l Directed by Vijaya Krishna. Mayoora Nritham means the dance of Pea Cock. Movie is a single pace dramatic cinematography and stretches through some true facts and out bursts of life. More than just a movie it gives some thinking notes too. It says about the intensity and depth of love and affection between a father and daughter. Raghini is Rajendran’s daughter. He is a government employee. She is doing her graduation. Her fiance is Rajeev. Rajeev is a practicing lawyer. His father is Balendran. He is a Business man. Ragini’s mother Sujatha is living separate from hem long long years ago. The reason is revealed by the second half of the movie. Avarachan is a business man and a cruket personality, his son is Thankachan. Sharghadharan Pilla is a lecturer and close friend of Rajendran.He is interested in Ornithology too. His wife is Shakunthala. They are childless couple. Jayadevan was a famous singer.
Movie starts with the where abouts of Ragini and Rajeev. Both are in so called romantic vacation. The engagement is already done, invitations are printed. The two families were rejoiced in very high pitch. As everything going good, Rajendran gets a calll Balendran, saying they are off from marriage. He said they came to know about her mother, Sujatha, who were gone with another man. He said daughter of such woman do the same. Ragini gets shocked. She rushed to Rajeev’s office. They went to a beach. He said he cannot disobey his father’s words hence his all life is bounded to him, the money he have the clients he have all are of belonged to his father. She realized the black hole in his love. They broke. She went to her father and asked about mother. She wanted to see her. He give her address she went to see her. She was in a village. Finally she saw her, Sujatha’s eyes burst ino to tears, but Ragini felt nothing except hate. Raghini told her about the brutality that she have done to her. She returned home. Rajendran started to tel the story. Years ago he met Ragini’s father who was his teacher. With him he went home and see her. He proposed her to him. He was glad to have such a good student as his son in law. On the marriage night he got admitted to hospital due to cardiac arrest. The all story began reversed from then. Even if he survived he was in need of a bed rest. As Rajendran was a government employee he cannot stand much day, so Ragini stayed with his father along with Jayadevan. Days and years passed his father’s sickness disturbed thier faimly life a lot. She got pregnant and give birth to Ragini. But still she was busy with her faher’s nursing. Rajendran lost his mind and he gone for divorce. He doubted Jayadevan and Ragini. Sujatha’s father died with heart attack when he read the divorce paper. Sujatha and Rajendran broke up, and she gone with Jayadevan hence she had no choice left. . But she left Ragini with him. Ragini felt guilty when hearing all the story. The story steps to climax. What may Ragini do? will she forgive her mother? Will Rajeev marry her? find out . Watch full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”


Mayoora nirtham
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