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“Manathe Kottaram” (1994) is a Malayalam Romantic movie. Directed by Sunil Starring  Mala Aravindan , Harisree Asokan  , N.L. Balakrishnan , Rajan P. Dev  , Dileep, Suresh Gopi  , Indrans ,Appu, Khushboo , Nadirsha  , Philomina, Sadiq, Jagathi Sreekumar. The Movie goes through the Cinema dreams of some bachilors. One thing about this movie is you never feel any lagging points throughout the movie. The Director Sunil has done every portion well mixed with humour and made this a very good entertainer. They are very much heart locked to Cinema.The movie tread goes through four youngsters Appu, Sabu, Balan & Dileep. There four folks are very much font off with the movie actress Khushbu.Appu is a paradi song maker. Dileep is living inside very much family problems. His grandmother and Uncle are mental patients. One sister satys un married. The four are employees in a small Soda Factory. Their owner is swami.John is a tactical man who is
Movie starts with the scene from Swami’s home. His wife is a nervous woman. She don’t like her husband looking other woman. From then the movie followed by very much humorous and funny sequences. The four tries to see their dream girl in location. which ends up in police station.May always make Appu frustrated, so he often break the soda bottles.But some how they manage to see Khushbu. Khushbu become so much impressed in their behavior and she became more and more attached to them. On her personal interest Dileep has got a chance to act with her. His life began to change. When the things going good Luckochan petta comes in the story thread. He is the so called care taker of Khushbu. Her parents were actually murdered in a framed car accident. Luckochan was behind it. He wants her alll welath under his slippers. Khushbu had a fiance Satheesh, who is an aero notical  engineer in Switzerland. One day Luckochan kidnapped her to grab all the authority she had in her wealth. So what may happen to her? Will DIleep and his gang save her?. For answers switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Manathe kottaram
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