S King solaman | 1996 Indian Malayalam filma | Balu Kiriyath King solaman | 1996 Indian Malayalam filma | Balu Kiriyath
King solaman
Movie Name
Directed by Balu Kiriyath
Written by Balu Kiriyath
Starring Rahman, Farheen, Sheeba Agarwal, Indrans, Srividya,
Music by Deva
Cinematography Saloo George
Edited by K Sankunni
Released Year

King solaman

King Solaman” is a Malayalam Romantic Action movie.  The Central Characters are (Soloman) Rahman, Sreedevi (Ashok’s Mother), Innocent  etc. Solaman is a thief living in a slum.His love affair is Geethanjali, He is an Orphan and there is gang of thieves in there. Purushan (Indranse), Sterio Basheer (Cochin haneefa), Rajappan & Shivapuri.The movie starts with a theft of them. Police caught them but innocent sets them free. Again they steals a TV from his hotel, he do the same. Innocent tells to Solaman about a job to act like his sister’s son (ashok), who is passed away. In order to save the all properties. Solaman agrees. Aswathy (Innocent’s daughter) comes and gets in to affair with solaman. Later he gets attacked by a Professional killer and he escapes. He comes to know about the stories of Ashok’s father. And his enemy Kulashekara Muthaliar send him to kill him. He gets shocked. But later he decides to help Sreedevi to get back her son. Then the real action begins..What happens next?? see the movie for the mystery. Brought to you byt Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


King solaman
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