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“Kavadiyatam” is a dramatic Movie. Starring Jayaram, Jagathish, Kaladi Omana, mamukoya, Siddique etc. Directed by Aniyan. Music Lyrics by ONV Kurup & Music by Mohan SIthara. The movie starts with a night canvas in which Keshava Kurup ( Siddique) crawls into neighbor’s house. Raman Nair is thier  neighbor.His son Unni (Jayaram ) is in Army. And daughter Thankamani studying for Pdc. The movie starts with the night crawling of Keshava Kurup to see Thankamani. Whereas Keshavakurup is a Police constable.  They are in affair. The fence frequently gets toasted with this, which leads to daily clashes in between two families. Velappan (Jagatheesh) is the friend of Unni, who is a local gambler. One day Unni manages to skip from army pretending to be as Mental il-Health. The Army official leaves him in home with one month medical leave.From this point the movies goes with very funny sequences. One day Keshavakurup finds this foul play out and Keshava Kurup skips off to city together with velappan. They joins in Koya Agencies as Gas delivery boys. They meets a lonely house wife (kaladi Omana) and they becomes close. Unni feels a motherly attachment to her. One day when they come on her birthday they finds she was kidnapped, they decides to stay in their and to search for her. Do will they fin her?? click and watch the full movie


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