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Kallu Kondoru Pennu (1998) is a Malayalam dramatic family movie. Directed by Shyama Prasad. Starring Suresh Gopi, Murali, Dileep, Rajan P. Dev, Harisree Ashokan, maniyan Pilla Raju, M. S Tripunithura, K. P Ummar, Mamukoya, Vijayashanthi, Chitra, Chandhini, Keerthana, Reena & others. Tittle means ‘The Woman of Stone” . Movie says about the life of a female nurse. To be more precise, a NRI nurse, who is working in Kuwait. Like the history of most nurses , she gone to gulf for the good days of her siblings.Even if she passed the ages she is still single.  has also a family. She is in Gulf for the struggle of life. Also it elaborates the lives of our sisters who roast themselves for the sake of their loving ones. Whatever they do the final pay will be hatred and avoidance. Seetha is the Nurse here, she is i Kuwait for years. Haridas is her elder brother, he is ding business. But all the money for the investment is from her. Ambika is his wife, she is greedy and crucket minded. Their 10 year old daughter Chinnu. Seetha’s young brother is Venu. He is a typical youngster who is “celebrating” life. He always busy with his daily activities like Body workouts, and loitering with friends, bt he very much loved his sister. Raaji is Seeha’s younger sister she is upto marriage now. Sreekandan is Ambika’s distant relation, he is a very crucket business man. Suresh is the doctor in Seetha’s hospital, and they are in love affair too. Anthappan is Venu’s friend. Mohanachandran is a lower division clerk. Kabeer is a typical gulf guy, who is doing whatever he could to find the daily bread.
Movie starts with the intro gulf, the direction crew has taken very good initiative to sketch the gulf life.  Haridashas taken a good amount from Sreekandan for business purpose on the security of thier family house.  It is Seetha herself who is consulted by all in all matters including the marriage of her sister, which is to take place with Mohanachandran  whose main demand as part of the dowry is a visa which could help him go to the Gulf and earn money though he has a good government job here. Sreekandan is interested in Seehta’s matter too. Since Haridas was in debt with Sreekandan, he had no much choice left.  But everything gone upside down. Which is so may called It the fate. When Seetha starts for home in connection with her sister’s marriage that war breaks out in the Gulf and for some days the whereabouts of Seetha are unknown. Few days later, a photograph of Seetha holding a child in her hands appears in the newspapers with the caption ” A mother and child in a refugee camp”. This sets tongues wagging and finally when Seetha arrives, that too with a child in her hand, she finds that life has changed a lot for her. She had got him, Appu from war front. His parents were murdered by militants inn front of Seetha, before they kill the child, she saved him.But no one was ready to hear from her end. Every one believed it’s her child. This resembles the point about our lives. There are situations in life which overturns the status and respects. She went with the child to her family house. Sreekandan uses the time. He becomes a nuisance to her. Suresh decide to marry her, but he demanded to avoid the child for some months until the marriage is over. But she does not agree. Thus because of that child her last hope also gone. So where is her life going? where that could be? Watch full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Kallukondoru pennu
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