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Movie Name
Directed by Jayaraj
Written by Ranjith
Starring Mammootty Jeet Upendra Ranjitha Jagathy Soman
Music by S. P. Venkatesh
Cinematography S.Kumar ISC
Edited by
Released Year

  “Johny Walker” (1992) is a Malayalam Action Family movie. Directed by Jayaraj Starring Mammooty.Kamal Gaur, Jeet Upendra,Ranjitha,Manian Pilla Raju,Sankaradi,Prem Kumar,Gopal Poojari,Thrissur Elsy,Sukumari,Abu Salim,Augustine,Hakim Rawther,Kuthiravattom,Prem Prakash,Jagathi Sreekumar,Soman,Anitha,T. P. Madhavan,Robin Verghese. Movie says about the thick brotherly love in between Johny & Bobby. Movie goes through the phase of a campus story. And giving a very good social hypothesis at end of curtain.Johny Varghese is a farmer in a Kerala high rage range area his brother Bobby Varghese is a college student in town lives in hostel. They’d lost their parents in a car accident.Kuttan is the helping boy residing woth Johny. But they are rich too. Bobby’s friends are Mansoor, Shelly, Jeevan, Vishnu etc. They are thick friends. Anitha is their college lecturer. Swami is the head of drug mafia in that college. There are a lot of other small character who comes to screen accordingly.
Movie starts with the wake up intro of Kuttan and followed by a cool intro music. In the first shots the director has so immensely drawn the picture of a Typical Bachilour. He got succeed in a very good extent. The first part has got some quick interest by the arrival of Bobby and his friends for vacation. Johny and Kuttan worked very hard to arrage the party. Johny gets delighted with the arrival of his brother. Johny feels very upset when they leaves. The next the camera switches to the campus. You may see the intro of Swami’s drug mafia in campus. Lots of campus students including boys and girls are smashed in the tactical trap of Drugs. Johny feels very much lonely without his only brother. So he goes to same College and joins.From that moment the story goes to very interesting and funny moments. Johny fights with Swami’s gangs and gives them the final warning to off from campus. They decides for a revenge. Mean while Bobby gets in to a love affair with Chandini. Chandini has got many family problems so she rejects it first, but at last he stole her love. Then the movie goes to climax. Johny was a patient,with a rare decease – Lossing eye sight gradually But he kept is as a secret. On the other hand Swami and gang kidnap and murders Vishnu, the next they target Bobby. So what may happen next? Can Johny save Bobby? Will his decease pull him down? Or Everything will end in a smile? Switch to full movie for answers. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Johny wakker
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