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Ilamura thampuran

“Ilamurathampuran” (1998) is a Romantic Malayalam Movie. Directed by Hari Kadappanakunnu. Starring Manoj K . Jayan, Thilakan, kalabhavan mani and others. The Movie is has a story surrouning the festival in a temple. Poomangalam Taravadu is the most famous Family in a village. There is a belief that who swims in Chemballipuzha (which is a river near by never comes back).Pathmanabhan Thampi was the ruler of that place long ago. Now his son Anandha Padhmanabhan is in charge. But since the feudal ruling days are over, that family has no power but still they have the strong head. Chanthu Nair is a very cunning person who always want to grab the power from the hands of Poomangalam family.His son is Chandrappan and his fiance is Urmila. His helping hand is Raghavan. His wife’s sister Indu is in affair with Ananthan.
The movie starts with the dispute in between Chanthu Nair and Anandhan regarding the right of festival. Ananthu bags its from him. The movie then goes on with the romantic where abouts between Ananthu and Indhu. Mean while Urmila & Chanthappan comes from town and meets Ananthu. Urmila and Ananthu gets a bit closer. Which makes Chandrappan nervous,. She was a modern type girls which Chandrappan could not digest. later Urmila & Chandrappan gets in to clash. She decides to go back. On the way she meets Anandhan. He manages her to change her decision. She went back to Chandapan’s house. The next day She gets killed. And all eyes goes to Anandhan. The movie further goes on the mystery behind the murderer. Who is that? Will Anandhan get perished? Watch full movie for the answer Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”


Ilamura thampuran
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