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Ikkkareyanente Maanasam
Movie Name
Directed by K. K. Haridas
Written by Gireesh Puthenchery VC Ashok (dialogues)
Starring Prem Kumar Mohini Jagathy Sreekumar Kalabhavan Mani
Music by S. P. Venkatesh
Cinematography Rajeev Madhavan
Edited by G Murali
Released Year

Ikkareyanente manasam

“Ikkkareyanente Maanasam” is a Comedy & Dramatic family classic Movie. Drirected by K. K Haridas. Staring Premkumar, Harisree Asokan, Kalabhavan Mani, Rajan P Dev, Kuthiravattom pappu, Mala Aravindan, Jagathi Sreekumar and others. The movies explores the story of Five Friends in a village. They are keenly awaiting for the arrival of Uthaman (Premkumar) who is in gulf. They wish he will come back with the Visa for them Pakaran (Machan varghese) is a fish seller. Bhargavan (Indrance) in a barber.Thankappan (Ashokan) is a carpenter , Kalbhavan mani (Mathukutti). And some other characters Madhavi, pappi & wife,sumathi, pattalam raghavan, gouthaman etc.
The movie starts with Pakaran he announces everywhere about the arrival of Uthaman. The four friends are making a living with adjustment with jobs. Their mind’s boundary is bathing in luxury. In the first part the movie goes through the rejoice full moments in the lives of these friends. Uthaman joins them. And he sets a condition to them for Visa, which is only after his marriage with Sumathi. Hence Sumathi has refused once his proposal. The four friends stuck in it. Also her family not wiling for the marriage. The movie goes through very funny and romantic scenes till climax. The funny juices of Jagathi sreekumar, Mala Aravindan etc are making the movie more energetic. When the movie reaches to climax the twists starts to interfere our eyes. Will the Gulf dreams be fulfilled?  Will Uthaman wins her love?? And lots more .Click to full movie and watch ..Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.



Ikkareyanente manasam
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