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Directed by PG Vishwambharan
Written by Kaloor Dennis
Starring Babu Antony/ , Reena , Rajan P Dev
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Gloria Fernandes From U.S.A. (1998) is a Malayalam action family movie staring Babu Antony ,Jose Pallisseri ,Rajan P Dev ,Janardhanan ,Ashokan ,Shammi Thilakan ,Mahesh ,TR Omana ,Baiju ,Sainuddin ,Idavela
Babu ,Adoor Bhavani ,VK Sreeraman ,Reena ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Zeenath & others. Directed by PG Vishwambharan. A culprit called Vadakkethara Patros was sentenced to death by the Judge, who is from Manimala family. So his son’s started to take revenge on them in every way they could. This is the central story of this movie. It’s so simple really, the problem of violence: Hurt people hurt people. The motivation is revenge, not because human beings are fundamentally evil, but because vengeance is part of the innate survival mechanics of a complex social species. The desire for vengeance is as old – or older – than humankind and to understand this complex and ancient response, we need to push aside our socially developed notions of revenge and look for its roots. Reciprocity, or “tit-for-tat” is the basis of social relationships, manifesting even among our primate ancestors. Behavior that sabotages cooperation, so necessary for survival, will be punished. The desire for revenge is an evolved outgrowth of our human sense of unsatisfied reciprocity, what today we consider a desire for justice. But notions of justice can be twisted and tortured to fit the needs of the moment and the demands of the social system. So too, can justice be twisted to address the internal economy of the individual. If we hope to understand why people act out violently towards themselves and others, we need to examine the roots of violence in childhood. In the course of normal development, children learn how to modulate and manage the desire to “get even” for hurts to their bodies, their sense of identity, and their cherished beliefs.
However this drastic revenge mentality has excelled in this movie. Like said Vadakkethara family members are grown to be as criminals. They do all illegal activities and so called businesses to flush in their wallets. Thommikkunju is the eldor son.Thandama was their witched mother. She was blind with revenge for the death of her Husband.In the other end Ouseph was the eldor son of Thressya. His wife was Alice. They are childless couple.He had three brothers too. Babichan was in love with Shiny,who was Thommikunju’s sister. Joyichan also had an affair.The manimala family also had business. Their brother Fernandez was in U.S.A. His money was the investment for most of their businesses. vadakethara brothers tried their very best to harass manimla brothers. They tactically took over the finace company of Paulose and Patrose. Ousph had given them a signed cheque, using that they claimed and seized their passenger Bus. Followed by they captured the rubber goods truck with the help of sales tax officers. This is the first so called revenge they have taken. One day Vadakethara family came to know about the love affair of Shiny. They locked her in. As things going like this, the good news has arrived. Yes, Ouseph is now turning to be a father. So the brothers gone for the party in their farm house. On this mean time, the Vadakethar brothers came with the Legal notice to accure their properties. While they throwing the goods off the house, our her Fernandez arrives in style. And smashes them all with his master piece of Karatte. The pictures gone changes very fast. With the support of Fernandez the Manimala family gained back all their assets. And he took their 3 trucks instead of the one they lost. He was in love with Gloriya, who was a U.S Citizen. Their mother was not ready to get married her son with a foreign women. But finally she agreed for it. She took Shiny off from vadakethara, Shiny and Babichan got married.All these lightened their revenge and they done the most brutal revenge too. So what was it? How much it cost for the Manimala family? will they take it back. Find out,. Watch full movie.


Gloria fernandes from USA
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