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“Gajakesariyogam”(1990) is a Malayalam Family movie.  Directed by P.G. Viswambharan. Starring Innocent ,Mukesh,Sunitha, K.P.A.C. Lalitha,Mammukoya,Jagadish, Ganesh Kumar, Philomina, Oduvil Unnikrishnana, Jagathish, Mamukoya, Sainudien and others. Gajakesariyogam is a well drawn classic family movie. The story is so simple and draws the sketch of a typical man who is font off with elephants. Also he got a good family too. Ayyappan Nair is that fellow. His profession was as an elephant keeper. Karthika is his daughter. She’s doing diploma. Vasu is Ayyappan’s sister’s son. Khader is his neihbour. Rakhavan Nair is a so called broker he is very intelligent in making people stupid and to gain money. Parasuraman is his helper.Both are very intellently doing tactical businesses. Vinaya chandran is a well educated bachelor. The movie character crew are like this. From this you may understand the phase of the movie.
Movie starts as a clear snap to emphasis the Elephant love of Ayyappan. While he going back to home he saw an elephant whom he know well. He feeds the fruits and biscuit which he bought to home. With this single incident the director makes that intimacy in a very clear manner.The next the camera goes to Ayyappan nair’s home. Upon his immense pressure and interest they plan to take the bank loan and to buy an Elephant. The loan amount they got was Rs:40,000/-. The bank demanded to show the elephant within 30 days. Khader advised Ayyapan to see Raghavan Nair. Raghavan Nair promised to fetch him an Elephant at the earliest. Ayyappan, parasuraman & Raghavan Nair gone seeking the elephant. At last they got one from a circus company. They got a female elephant. All the family rejoiced to have her. But the problem was she know only Hindi. So Vinayachandran was called to teach Ayyappan Hindi. He came and stayed with them. With his help they controlled her. But Ayyappan could not use her for works in Mills because she was not interested in such heavy works, Mean while Vinayachandran and karthika gets close and jumps into love affair. On the other hand Ayyappan got the notice from Bank on behalf of his dues in payment. Vasu got angry towards the love in between Vinayan & Sujatha. Ayyappan agreed for their marriage. This made Vasu very nervous. He decided to Kill the elephant. So what may happen in Ayyappan Nair’s Life? Will he can save the elephant from bank formalities? And from vasu? See the full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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