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Movie Name
Directed by Sathyan Anthikkadu
Written by Raghunath Paleri
Starring Sreenivasan, Santhi Krishna, Jayaram
Music by Composer: Johnson Lyrics: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Edited by
Released Year

“Ellavarkkum nanmakal” (1992) is a Malayalam Action movie. Directed by Manoj Babu. Starring Soman, Ashokan, Innocent, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Captain Raju, Sharee, Anjana and others. In a simple sense the movie is a well planned choreography which sensibily fetches an eye to social issues. The plot is set in the shadows of a village.The story thread goes through in co-orelation between four bachelors. Balan, Raghu, Rappayi & Suresh are them. They are well educated too. But instead they could find any feasible job. Father John is the priest of the church in there. He was a Helping minded man. He had a failed love affair too. Thankachan is a rich fellow but he was very cruel in heart. He got a gangster team too. Kuttapan is a criminal. But years before he was a good fellow. Circumstances moduled him in to a hard core criminal. Ramani is Raghu’s sister. Balan & Ramani are in affair.
Movie starts with the snap scene in the Village. SInce they don’t have any so called job,  Balan, Raghu, Rappayi & Suresh are passed the time by playing cards so and so. Nelson see this and asked them to find a job. They said they searched their best but they cant find one. In that village there were many theft. Mainly happening at night.  The village people losses many valuable things. At last father John  finds an Idea. He appointed Balan, Raghu, Rappayi & Suresh as the night watchmen. He arranged the incentives for them from the villagers. They given money with pleasure. John arranged a pack of new costumes and bicycles for them. The four started the Job very nicely. At the second day they caught the thief. Every one appreciated them. Raghu’s mother wished to give her daughter to Balan, but he hasn’t a good job. She awaited for the day everything changes. Meanwhile Thankachan has made many issues in Village. One day Rappayi revealed his identity on one occasion , he was a Hindu. He Joined with a slaughter for his bread. Mean while Balan got appointed as the Police inspector in tha village. He got the cover from law. He goes to catch every criminals with the help of his friends. In that list he puts Thankachan’s name. He arrested his gang for crimes, that aroused his envy. On the other hand he arrested Kuttappan. Kuttappan had a specific reason to do the crimes. For the sake of needy people. Balan realized the true human in him and relieved him. Mean while Thankachan made a trap for father John. He accused him for the murder of his wife Daisy. At this moment the movie gets in to more dramatic face. What may be the climax? Will Father John survive from this? What about Kuttapan’s revenge? For all Answers switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Ellavarkkum Nanmakal
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