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Dillliwala raaja kumaran
Movie Name
Directed by Rajasenan
Written by Rafi Mecartin
Starring Jayaram , Biju Menon , Manju Warrier , Nadirsha
Music by Ouseppachan
Edited by
Released Year

Dillliwala raaja kumaran

“Dilliwaala Rajakumaran” (1996) is a Malayalam romantic comedy movie directed by Rajasenan. Starring  Jayaram, Manju Warrier,Kalabhavan Mani,Narendra Prasad, Biju Menon,Oduvil Unnikrishnan,Padmini,Ammu,K. T. S. Padannayil,,Indrans,Valsala Menon,Jose Pellissery ,Nadirsha,Poojappura Ravi and others. The interesting fact about this movie is this is one of the guaranteed family packs in Malayalam Cinema. The awsome perfomance & co-orilation of all crew are apreciatable. Appu is a typical farmer in a Thiruvattar village. Prabhakara Varma is Appu’s uncle and a so called relative of in a Royal Famill. Maya is his daughter and Appu is Maya’s fiance. Mani is Appu’s friend. Ammu & Seetha are her sisters. Veerendran is a notorious criminal. Padmini is his mother. Devavarma is the Maharaja of Udayapuram palace, even if the democracy is running. The royalty and aristrocatism never dies.
The movie starts with the scene from Udayapuram palace, some devotional prayers are going on. The next camera swifts to Prabhakara Varma’s home.He & Mani comes in bullock cart in morning. He is take caring of both homes. In the beginning the movie shares some romantic moments between Appu & Maya together with romantic song. All things were going good till, a letter from Palace comes. Since Maharaja has no of-springs he decides to adopt a girl from his relation. The astrologers prescribed a specific horoscope for that girl. Which is got match with Maya’s. Prabhakara varma became unconscious with pleasure. But when he meet Maharaja he set a condition for her marriage. that she must marry a man from Royal Family. So Prabhakara varma and his step brother planned to avoid Appu. With the help of Amma they framed Appu. Maya losts her mind, she agrees to go palace. From this moment the movie goes on with very interesting & Humourous situations. Appu & Mani gets in to palace. Appu pretended himself as Veerabhadran. Mean while Padmini comes to palace, she got shocked hearing good words about her son. Appu told his story to her. She decides to help him. On the other hand real Veerabadran comes to palace to grab the Crown. And he threatens Appu to help him, if not he will kill maya. So they went to take crown. So what is next? Will Maya realize Appu? Will Maharaja Accept this relation? What about the Crown? For All Answers switch to full movie “”Dilliwaala Rajakumaran””. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”


Dillliwala raaja kumaran
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