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Malayalam Movie Arangu[1991],This movie  is a Crime Thriller . This movie tell about the disaster of a lier. The movie starts with the scene of a enrolling in a court. Prabhakara Menon (Thilakan) enrolls as the new lawyer. Perera ( Sukumaran) is the Public procecuter. Perera is very greedy to money he do’s every thing to grab money. He tooks only the cases which gives him money. He never pay attention to justice.His son Xaviour is a typical bachilour with all bad habits. Then the story tells about a flash back, Prabhakara Menon had a Son called Vinu. He and his friend Unni were studying for medicine. One day Unni accidently kills alex when trying to force drink him a bear.But Vinu gets arrested, although Unni try to give up to Police his father & lawyer Perera  threatens him. AT last Vinu gets the ultimate punishment, and he gets hanged. His mother(kaviyoor ponamma) gets mental hazard due to his death and been admitted to a Mental Hospital. Prabhakara menon was a school teacher and he decided to do LLB to fight against perera.
Mean while Prabahakara Menon’s Friend  Narayanan’s Daughter gets brutaly murdered. And her cousin Rajeev gets arrested. The police officer Aprana Menon ows to protesting people that she will arrest the culprits soon. Prabhakara Menon takes Rajeev in bail and he understand his innocense. Neelima was practicing boat diving and her friend Alice tells to police about the suspicious relation of Neelima with perera’s son. Aprana arrests Xavious and takes to court. In there he says the truth he said His father killed her. She was pregnant and he don’t like her as her daughter in law. Prabhakara menon takes charge as the new public prosecutor. And after a very mass trials he locks down perera. The story ends with the guilty face of Perera.


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Nithin Renji Panikker ,Arthana Vijaykumar,Gokul Suresh Gopi, Debut to stardom 2016, Kalidas Jayaram

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