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Movie Name
Directed by Dennis Joseph
Written by Dennis Joseph
Starring Sukumari , Manoj K Jayan, Thilakan , GaneshKumar
Music by G. Devarajan
Cinematography Sunny Joseph
Edited by K Sankunni
Released Year

“Agrajan” (1995) is a Malayalam semi Action and Dramatic Movie. Starring Rajan P . Dev, Manoj K. Jayan, Ganesh Kumar, Sukumari, THilakan, Shammi Thilakan, N. F Varghese and others. Directed by Dennis Joseph. The title means the Elder son of family. Like the sense of the title the movie itself goes through such a story line. The movie says about a Press family’s Story. P. T Joseph is the Editor in Chief and Manning Director of Malayala Bhumi. His wife was Annaamma Even though he is not passed the school levels, he is a veteran Journalist and writer. His will lead him to that success. He was started his career as a Drama artists. When the shows got worse he skipped himself in the Press.Kunjippalu was his owner of Drama Company. He had an old Press and he take care the press as well as his daughter. Mean while Joseph had an affair with a female artist her name was Kunjulakshmi. They had planned to live together. But the shining of money changed his thinking altitude and he avoided her. But she got pregnant and give birth to Aravindan , who is the the so called Agrajan in this movie. On the other hand Govindan and his sons Raju and Madhavankutty were running a news paper called kairali. And they were tough competent too. Joesph’s son Anto was a typical & irresponsible youngster. His sister jancy . His Uncle was Itti.
Movie starts with the intro of Joseph’s home. He was very upset about his son since he was very irresponsible. And he was fond off with woman too. In the begining movie goes in a slow pace where you may see some falsh backs.We gets a picture how Joseph rised as a news maker and head of the most leading news paper. Govindan is sick and paralyzed but his tongue and brain was too sharp like a diamond. His sons were always obeyed him. and asked for his guidance. This makes the movie a bit dramatic. Sreedevi is Aravindan’s wife. Aravindan was working as a press reporter in Delhi. On the other hand Govindan lost his temp and he told his sons to kill him. Joseph was murdered in a accident. Which was a set by Raju and Madhavankutty. before he dies he legally gives the attorney of the press to Aravindan. WHich makes Anto very upset. He plans to kill him. He trickily manages Aravindan to be his Chief Editor. He though when Aravindan reports against Madhavan and his gang they will kill him. So what may happen? Will Aravindan be killed? Or he will show the real responsibility of Agrajan for the murder of his father? Or any other twists waiting? Hold to Hot N Sour Movie Channel and see full movie.


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