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“Aayiram Meni” (1999) is a Family Dramatic movie. Directed by I. V Sasi, Starring Manoj K Jayan, Lalu Alex, Ganesh Kumar, Captain Raju, Urvasi, Saikumar, Mala Aravindan, Tony,  , Varkki, Lakshmi, Koikkal Taravad, Murali, Devika, Alice – Urvashi, Bharathan , Jagadish and others. Aayiram Meni is a simple family drama in story. It says about the life of farmers in a remote village. But typically it’s not a complete farming module. Story touches the depth of family relations. Moreover it’s almost opposite to the saying “Blood is Thicker than water”. Unnithan and Varkey were two die hard friends. Unnithan’s sister was Lakshmi. Unnithan’s family had very much land hence they were rich too, with aristocratic life style. Ravi was an Orphan and helping hand of Unnithan. Movie starts in this canvas.
Intro starts with Lakshmi and Varki. Years back Lakshmi was gone with Ravi, in spite of her brother’s dislike.And she give birth to Babu. In an accident Ravi dies. And she returns with her child to see Varkki. Varkki takes her to Unnithan. But on the way she too dies. Unnithan refuses to take her body. Varkki takes challenges Unnithan that he will take revenge on him via Babu. Thus the story line commences. Years pass two families grows up in to huge forces in that Village. Movie goes forward with the clashes and revenges in between them. Varkey has a son Lalichan , he is a dump fellow. He was only interested to spend his father’s money, he had one sister too. On the other hand Unnithan has two sons. Bharathan & Murali. Bahrathan was very crucket minded person. Mallika is Kuttappan’s daughter who is a toddy shop owner. She was fond off with Babu. Alice was also liked Babu and Babu too. But lalichan had a soft corner to Alice, when Babu came to know this he compelled her to marry him. From this moment the movie goes on a hard core mood. The songs in the middle dilutes it to some extend. Lalichan feels so envy to Babu since his father never said a good word. He tries to take his revenge on him. You may see some stunt sequence in between Babu and Bahrathan. Bahrathan tatctically adds poison in toddy and murders Varkki. But the culprit was framed on babu. Also he was squeezed out from family. From then the movie goes in a semi- action and thriller mood. And straight to the climax. So what may happen next? Will Babu’s Innocent will be proved? Will Bharathan and Unnithan get the ultimate punishment? Watch the full movie. brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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