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VIP (1989) is a Dramatic Malayalam movie. Directed by Asha Khan. Staring Sreenath ,VK Sreeraman ,Mini and others. VIP mainly says about the woman harassment in society. Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace due to unwelcome, unwanted, uninvited, action or behavior of a person that causes discomfort, humiliation, offence or distress to the other. Majority of such cases are directed towards woman by men working at high position in an organization.
Sexual harassment at a workplace is unwelcome behavior as it affects not only the terms conditions of employment but also have huge bearing on the working environment of an organization. Therefore this problem has to be understood looking at its causes and possible remedies for its effective control.In India, sexual harassment is termed as ‘eve teasing’ and is described as: unwelcome sexual gesture or behavior whether directly or indirectly such as sexually colored remarks; physical contact and advances; showing pornography; a demand or request for sexual favors; any other unwelcome physical, verbal,non-verbal conduct being sexual in nature, passing sexually offensive comments or any other such behavior.
This subject is carefully handled and executed in VIP in an entirely different way. is an entirely different movie in handling the subject. This movie is also the answer to the question ‘How a Prostitute” is born. A woman who is compelled to go through a series of troubles and social haraasments are forced into the terrific mouth of trafficking. The Movie starts with Jony & Hema, both love birds in a remote village. But due to family  responsibilities Johny fails to marry her in time. And her family proposes a marriage. But due to failure in giving dowry the marriage gets dropped. In the next frame Hema goes to town with Johny in need of a Job. And she gets a Job as receptionist in the Hotel where Johny works. The romantic  days of Johny & Hema starts from then, But the whole story gets upside down when the Manager of the hotel tactically traps Hema. After that incident she decides to market her meat for money. When Johny come to know about this he attacks the manager. But the manager kills him through roudies. Later Hema goes to native with her all money. And she manages her marriage again with the same man. What may happen on the Marriage day?? simply watch and find out.


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M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies

M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies