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“Umaa Nilayam” (1984) is a romantic as well as suspense thriller Malayalam Movie . Directed by Joshi. Starring. Cochin Haneefa, Shankar, Shanvas, Radha & others.Apart from all other romantic movies this movie handles a very mysterious and spontaneous suspense which bounds the attention of the viewer throughout. In one word you may say this movie as “Movie Beyond Prediction’.  Uma, Vinu, Raju & Geetha are college mates as well as their parents are family friends. Uma’s father Mr. Varma is a Millionaire and a widower. Uma & Vinu as well as Raju & Geetha re in affair too. Raju’s father is Dr. Raveendranath. Rocki is Varma’s Cook and Gopi is his driver. Pillai is Varma’s P. A . Rajan is the new Manager of Varma’s estate.Altogether this is the character plot of this suspense thriller. Whereas each character had significant input in whole.
The Movie starts with the shade of a campus, exaggerating the campus life of the four buds Uma, Vinu, Raju & Geetha. Followed by a dance performance.After that instance the camera swifts to Varma’s palace in Ooty, where he awaits his daughter. Uma arrives after some days with Vinu. The parents of these four love birds gathered and sets the note of marriage. All things  go far good till then. Then the series of twists & mystery buds in. Rajan comes and takes charge as the manager. mean while Varma goes for a foreign trip.Rajan & Uma spents more time together , which makes Vinu upset. Their love starts to dislodge. Rajan slowly feels affection to Uma. One night he tries to molest her but she resisted and accidentally stabbed him to death. Pillai consoled her and both buried the body in the estate. But very next day some dogs sniff that place and they dig him out and goes in car to merge in river. After they came back Gopi founds the “secret murder”and he asks for money. She give him what he asked. All these incidents been kept aside from Vinu. One day the body floated in river and Uma losts her full mind. She opened her heart to Vinu. What may be his reaction? Will she save her? Is any thing mysterious behind the Murder? What is the so called suspense ? Find all the answers just switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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