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“Swagatham” (1989) is a Malayalam Family romantic Movie. Directed by Venu Nagavally. Starring Soman, Nedumudu Venu, Jayaram, Innocent,Ashokan, Jagathi Sreekumar, Parvathy, Urvashi and others. The Movie is a complete family pack which bounds the relation between brother and Sister. Ramaswamy (Jayaram) is a typical bachelor waiting for his S.I Call letter in Police. His Sister Veni (Paravathy). Both had lost their parents earlier. They were orthodox Brahmins too. They stays with Devan (Nedumudi venu) who lost his wife, Rugmini. MajoR Francis is a retired army official his son is Titto (Ashokan) and daughter is Fifi (Urvashi).
The Movie starts with the routine whereabouts of all. Ramaswamy practices for the training. Devan passes the time by painting arts. The whole movie is set up in a beach canvas. Fifi is in affair with Sajan who is waiting for his gulf call. Ramaswamy had a soft corner with Fify but he never told her about this to her. Titto wins the love of Veni. But Rmaswamy opposes this.The movie has some humorous spots together with Jagathy Sreekumar, Innocent and others regarding  a Hotel. This amplifies the total feel of the movie. Sajan goes to gulf. Mean while Ramaswamy gets the call letter, when he gone for training Titto Manages to Marry Veni, which becomes a quiet shocking incident for Ramaswamy. Francis talks to Ramaswamy and he changes his mind. Ramaswamy, Veni, Titto and all joins again. Mean while Titto goes to Gulf. He tells to Ramswamy about the cheating of Sajan. On this point the movie gets in to twists. Titto dies in an accident.What wil happen to Veni then? What about Fifi? What about Ramaswamy? Will he marry Fifi? To light the answers for all these switch to full Movie.. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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