S Soundharya pinakkam | Ramu | Mala Aravindan | Jagannatha Varma Soundharya pinakkam | Ramu | Mala Aravindan | Jagannatha Varma
Soundharya pinakkam
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Soundharya pinakkam

“Soundarya Pinakam” is a romantic family Entertainer. Casting Ramu, Mala Aravindan, Jagannatha Varma, Kunchan, Rajasenan , Sumitra, Sreedhar, Sivaraj, James, bobi etc. Directed by Rajasenan.Movie starts in a campus cansvas.This movie goes through both Campus and family canvases. Through the story the Director reveals the importance of understanding in married life. The Movie itself in a Real Entertainer. Anil & Malini are college students. Since Anil is a Little charming. Malini gets attracted to him. Anil & Malini gets in to affair after some romantic sequences. Then the college story ends. The whole crew splits up. Anil comes to see Malini, and two families agrees for marriage.They settled in town and Usha (His uncle’s Daughter) comes to see them with her husband..Kunjumol Anil’s class mate joins his office. She gets a house opposite Anil’s home. She and Husband stays there. After this the movie goes through some dramatic sequences , see the full Movie and reveal the story.

Soundharya pinakkam
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