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Movie Name
Directed by P. Padmarajan
Written by P. Padmarajan
Starring Madhavi , Bharath Gopi
Music by Background score: Gunasingh Songs: M. G. Radhakrishnan Varghese Kunnamkulam Lyrics: Poovachal Khadar
Cinematography Ashok Kumar
Edited by
Released Year

” Novemberinte Nashtam (1982) is a Malayalam daramatic movie. Starring Prathap Pothen ,Ramachandran ,Bharath Gopi ,Madhavi ,Nalini ,Surekha ,Thodupuzha Vasanthy ,Iringal Narayani & others. Directed by P. Padmarajan. Title indicates the loss of November. This movie says about a jilted love story. More than that it say about the close relation between a brother and sister. In many families there may be a brother and sister. And they may be very close to each other. But when she see his mate, she starts skipping off. But in many cases she may be jilted. And the finally her brother will be only one left in her life. Many people today have sought the cruel and unfair reasons for relationship problems and cheating. Philosophers of the past have analyzed various contributing factors such as flirting with others, not happy with one another anymore, too much time spent with the opposite sex, other is not sexually active with the other anymore, or one just doesn’t want to be in the relationship any longer but simply knows of no other way to get out. All of these are the causes of cheating in relationships. The effect of cheating in a relationship can be very severe or could not mean anything at all to someone. Some effects of cheating cold result in suicide, violence, depression or maybe even death. To me, those effects are extremely severe and could be life-changing. I have heard many stories about a partner or spouse cheating on one another and it resulting in death of one or the other. Cheating is very harmful to people and should not be done in any way at all possible, not physically, emotionally or sexually. In some cases it starts from college days.
Novemberinte Nashtam also has the same theme. In here an innocent girl fels in love with his college mate. Hence he is only interested in flirting, he skips her off. Meera is the said charactor. Das is that black hearted man. Balu is Meera’s sister. SInce their mother had passed away long ago, and father is married second, Balu considered her as his daughter. You may see this similar theme in “”Usthad””. In that we may see a brother who is a gangster.Balu takes good care of her. He is now a reputed bank employee. And still a bachelor. Madhuvamma is their servant. Meera is a bit emotional in character. And it some time make Balu upset too. One day he came to know about her relationship with Das. He gone for a tea with him. Balu realized the cunning character of Das, but he ain’t told it back to her.Now Das is going for higher studies. Balu told her about his ideologies. Meera feels shocked. And he is left. Meera became mentally irritated and she started to be behaving rude. Balu called a doctor and upon his advice she was being shifted to the mental hospital. Now the story is fast forwarding, Balu is now married to Ambika. Meera is now going for routine check ups. Every thing so far so good. Balu tries to have her marriage. But she insists on a big no. The Days passed and Ambika came to know that she is pregnant. And they confirmed it with hospital test. But they don’t reveal it to Meera. Balu & Ambika planned for an abortion without her consent. And doctor too stayed in their end. When she came to know about it, she cried a lot, later she revealed the truth behind it. Das was in charge as the doctor in her mental hospital. And he was responsible for it too. Balu rushed to him and requested again to marry her. But he refused and they got into a clash. Finally Meera went to see him, knowing about his jilted love. So what may happen in the end? Would she do the revenge or would she take the revenge?. Find it out. Watch the full movie Novemberinte Nashtam.


Novembarinte nashtam
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