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” Nishedhi (1984) is a Malayalam action movie. Starring Bheeman Raghu,Sukumaran, Seema, Anuradha, Soman, K. R Vijaya and others. Title means the person who objects any thing and very thing with or without proper reason. In here story says the pathetic disaster which came in a family. A disaster which was totally unexpected. it’s out comes, and the final revenge. Joseph is a bank manager, he had four children, Vinod, Shiji, Anitha & Sruthi. All are 10 and and below in age. One day Madhavan Thampi is a, smugler and counter feat money dealer. Karunakara Kurup is his friend and partner in their so called business. Ravi is Thampi’s son. But he was totally different from his father. Raju is a company car driver. Rajashekharan is a hardcore police officer. These are the charactor line ups. Hence the movie is a bit flash back lets go staright to the story.
Joseph was a straight forward bank employee. One day Madhavan Thampi came to him, he wanted to exchange his counter feet Indian rupees with originals. Josph said “”NO’. Then he threatened with his gun. With no other choice left he agreed. He went with the suitcase inside and called the police. He handed him to police. But that was not the end. Thampi came at night and he shot Joseph and Wife in front of his children. Mean while Vinod was frightened in the scene , he ran away with his younger sisters Sruthi and Anitha. he lifted Anitha into a Lorry. But before he make himself into it, the Lorry went off. Police came into the scene. Rajashekharan felt pity on Shiji, he took her with him and they adopted her since they hadn’t a child. The next line is, years passed all are grown up. Now the status of Thampi has changed his a multi millionaire now. And he is in Foreign , his osn Ravi is with Kurup. Raju is Kurup’s driver. His sister is Anitha. actually it was the young girl who trapped in Lorry. Vinod is doing small small crimes and finds the daily bread. He kept his sister Sruthi in a hostel. Ravi was in a love affair with Anitha. One day Raju came to know about it. With Ravi’s “”Hard Work”” Anitha got a job in their company and a stenographer. Shiji is a Busy Doctor now. But she is still in pursuit of her parent’s murders. One day Raju met her while her car was in a break down condition. This adds a bit of drama to movie. Ravi challenged Raju that at any instance he would marry her. But all the pictures changed so quickly. One day Kurup tactically trapped Anitha in his home and molested her. She got murdered in the struggle. His men tried to bury her but on the scene Vinod gambled them. He black mailed Kurup and demanded money. The body was found in Raju’s hme and police arrested him, in the struggle Ravi got stabbed by Kurup. All these brings the tight drama and action scenario. And the movie slowly swifts to the climax. So what that could be? Will these sisters and brother realize themselves? Will the final revenge be fulfilled? Watch full movie and reveal the mystery. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company. ”


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