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  Mela (1980) is a Malayalam classic dramatic movie. Starring Raghu  ,Anjali,Sreenivasan ,Mammootty ,Sharaf ,Bhaskara Kuruppu ,KG Pinarayi & others. Directed by KG George. It’s a simple movie saying the life story of a circus clown named Govindan.The social attitude towards in the society has not much changed. Still they are considered as bafoons. A central question for dwarfism is whether it should count as a disability.  Some forms of dwarfism are caused by genetic abnormalities or differences, and some dwarfs are especially prone to a variety of health problems.  Yet many little people do not want to claim a disability identity, and think that merely being short is not a problem in itself.  It is only a problem because our society builds buildings in ways that make it more difficult for little people to get around.  Yet politically it may be helpful to little people to ally themselves with other people with disabilities, who have been quite successful in their fight to end discrimination based on physical or mental difference when minimal accommodation would allow full participation in society by people with impairments.  Yet many people in the dwarf community are dead set against this operation, and view it as entirely unnecessary.  Furthermore, they think it is a sign of a lack of acceptance of dwarfism. Many people who might have gone to great lengths to change their physical appearance when adolescents grow up to be glad that they did not make any permanent changes.Little People is both informative and interesting too.
However in this movie Mela, there is a gradual picture of the life circumstances of a clown. Govindankutty was gone from his village for about 12 years back.He joined in a circus group. And he is the master of clowns in there. Now he is coming back for a vacation of two months. This is the intro story line of the movie. His mother Naani and all others awaited for him with huge expectations. Finally he arrived with a huge rack of lagguages. Nanu took his luggage’s, who was the helping hand of Pappi. Pappi was running a tea shop and his daughter is Suhasini.Balan was a communist thinker and unemployed bachelor his sister was Sharada. Govindankuty takes every one’s heart with his money. He showed some magics too. In a short while he became as the hero. Ammini, who was the broker planned to get marry Govindankutty with Suhasini. Pappi wished for it too. But Govindakutty liked Sharada. He impressed her with his tactics and a tape recorder. Ammini also brain washed her, saying about the prestigious life she going to have. Nanu had a crush towards Sharad but she never liked him. Pappi and family feels very dissapointed. Since he donated a good amount for temple festival the natives also suported him.As planned his marriage gone well. And the couple shifteed to Govindankuty’s circus tent. When she reached in there., she realized his life in circus is not much good as he said. He was under the command of many people. Babuji was the circus owner, he was a harsh man.Ramesh was the manager in charge he was font-off with women. Vijayan was the death-well bike racer. He was the thick friend of Govindankutty. Every one felt jealous at Govindankutty. And they expressed their frustration through gossips connecting Vijayan & Sharada. One night Vijayan saved her from Ramesh. On the following day Sharda & Govindankutty went in to clash. But later he realized her innocents, and he realized that he cannot give her a good life. Now the story is stretching to climax. There is a bit dramatic end for this movie. Go and watch it. Like said we can feel the attitude of society to dwarfs throughout this movie ‘Mela”


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