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Maattuvin Chattangale” (1982) is a Malayalam Action-Dramatic movie. Directed by Rajashekharan. Starring Kamal Hassan, Ravi Kumar, Balan K. Nair, Jose Prakash, T. G Ravi, Nidhin Pappu, Manavalan, Jagathi, Sadan, Seema, Jayaprabha, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Jayaprabha, Bhagyalakshmi and others. It is a remake of 1981 Tamil movie Sattam Oru Iruttarai which starred Vijayakanth in lead role. Meaning of tittle is “change the rules”. Like the tittle, movie is an urge towards the injustice and partialities of law and order towards the poor people. The life we know is almost same the central theme. That makes the movie more fruitful even if it’s the 80’s script. Rekha and Jayan are siblings. She is a Police officer. Jayan is a wandering bachelor. Throughout the movie you may notice the face of an disappointed and frustrated bachelor in Jayan. There is a flash back for it, years back their father was murdered. He was the eye witness of Unnithan-Murder case. The accused were Sharma, Thampi & George. They killed them and molested his elder daughter. But they left no clues to snatch them. Hence Jayan lost his Father and one sister. But Rekha took it as a challenge. She aimed at the peak of life and she became a Police officer.officer. Deepa is a Hotel dancer her father is a paralysed man.
Movie starts in this scenario. Commences with Deepa’s dance program. Followed by some dramatic scenes. Jayan saved her from being kidanapped. Rekha came to spot with force and took Jayan to custody. Deepa came with lawyer and took bail. In home Jayan & Rekha were like children. In deep both loved very much. Kamal Hassan steps in as a wandering street singer. Jayan was actually counting his days to finish the debts of his father’s murder. mean while Rekha re-opens her father’s murder case and starts investigation. Knowing this the George sends a criminal to set Bomb in her Jeep. But Jayan saved her. Jayan starts his revenge lessons. First he calls and warn Sharma, that he will be killed in the next 30 minutes. He tooks car and goes out , but Jayan was hiding in the back seat he tactically traps him in the middle of the road. And takes Sharma’s spectacles off. As he were toaaly blind without glasses he got killed in an accident. Rekha came to know that Jyan did it, but since there is no evidence. She could not arrest him. Jayan next goes to Thampi he threatens him with gun and makes him drunk, he poisons in the liquor and murders him. Police suits it as a suicide. Jayan escapes twice. next up with George. Mean while Deepa and Jayan gets in to love affair. In the crime mood of movie this adds a bit of colour. Then the movie goes to the climax. Will Rekha can proove his brother’s guilty? or will she give up? Can Jayan finish the third deal? Watch full movie and reveal the thrilling climax. brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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