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Kalikaryamayi , Captain Raju, Rohini, Vijayaraghavan
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Directed by K. S gopalakrishnan
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Starring Captain Raju, Rohini, Vijayaraghavan
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Kalikaryamayi is a romantic thriller Directed by k. S gopalakrishnan.The Movie starts with a family song of Balachandran (Captain Raju) , wife and son. Balachandran is a  crime branch officer. His sister name is Suvidha ( ) . Then the movie goes to some issues and clashes. Ambujam daughter of Mukunthan nair, comes from Temple after Prayer. the Sabu son of Pushkaran, the liquor shop ownner. Mukunthan nair goes for fasting in front of Pushkaran’s liquor shop. babu (Vijayaraghavan ) is the right hand of mukunthan Nair . Later the police arrest them and takes to police station. Suvidha comes with lawyer and takes the bail of all except mukunthan nair.Mukunthan nair admited to hospital and Pushkaran manages the duty nurse and poison him. Mukunthan Nair dies. But before he dies he tell this to his daughter. And Pushkaran gives Ambujam seductives and keeps her unconsciousness. But she escapes from there and with the help of babu & Suvidha she gives petition to re – enquire about her father’s death. Balacahndran comes as the investigating officer. and the story gets more energy with him. Find more watch the full movie.


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