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Genre Family/ Drama
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Malayalam Full Movie Info Kadathanadan Ambadi is a 1990 Malayalam-language Indian sword and sorcery film directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Sajan Vargeese, starring Mohanlal, Swapna, Raadhu and Prem Nazir. The film was in production from 1985 and was stalled due to financial crisis faced by the producer Sajan Vargeese.The film is a sequel to 1964 film Thacholi Othenan. Few shots from Tacholi Othenan is shown in this movie also.The film was released after the death of Prem Nazir.

Malayalam Full Movie Info Kadathanadan Ambadi

Malayalam Full Movie Story Kadathanadan Ambadi

Kadathanadan Ambadi (1990) is a Malayalam action n golden classic movie of the 90’s. It’s one of the last movie acted by the veteran malayalam super actor Sri. Prem Nazeer, and together with Mohanlal. Directed by Priyadarshan. Other co-stars are KP Ummer ,Ganesh Kumar ,Captain Raju ,Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair ,Sreenivasan ,Jayashankar ,Cochin Haneefa ,Maniyanpilla Raju ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Kunchan ,Kothuku Nanappan ,Jose Prakash ,KPAC Sunny ,Santhosh ,Nellikkodu, Bhaskaran ,Janardhanan ,Kunjandi ,Paravoor Bharathan ,CI Paul ,Kaduvakkulam Antony ,Poojappura Ravi ,Master Suresh ,Swapna,Radhu ,Priya ,Sulakshana ,Jayamalini ,Sukumari ,Kuttiyedathi Vilasini ,Disco Santhi ,Kaviyoor Ponnamma and others. It’s one of the super class movies in Indian movie history. The story is the chekava fights which was done in olden time of Kerala. In these days if there is any disputes between any people the solution is done by the legal courts. But decades back it was decided the fight results of chekavas. If one die or defeated by the other it will be said as the victory.  The movie base is set in between two families Kadiroor tharavad & kadathanaaan Tharavad. Where as the Kadathanadan family had mighty warriors and the opposite has crooked fellows. Odenan defeated Kadiroor Gurukal in a fight and killed him, in it’s return Kadiroor Kelu killed Odenan by shooting with gun.Thus started the intense fight in between them. Odenan’s friend Payyambilli Chandu adopted his son Ambadi and take care of him with his two children Thambikutti & Kunjulakshmi. They grown up with the martial arts and traditional Kalari fights. Thus AMbadi became a mighty warrior. And one day he came to from Cappan, his unclw that Kathiroor Gurukkal had steal his families sword named as Bhadraval.
The main story thread is the search for Bhadraval and it’s retrieval. Kadathanadan Ambadi along with his Mentor-Marital arts Guru sets out searching mysterious disappearance of the sword. They suspect a Muslim servant, Veeraan  of their household who went missing since the day along with his son Moosa. There was also a rumour that his son had captured Unnichira and their children to get Urukkum Nool, a thread which is used to tie with the sword to boost up it’s magical power. While searching, they reached Kingdom, whose ruler was a mysterious Black Magician called Kouliyaar Maharaj. The Magician Ruler used to send his eagle to search for each’s day beautiful lady, to be sacrificed each day for strengthening the King. In that process, the eagle settled ‘s house whose lady’s marriage was fixed on the day, who was the sister of Moosa. The soldiers dragged the girl and brought to sacrifice pit, only to saved by Ambadi and killed the King. It later found that, the girl and her brother were sons of . Moyideen narrates the story, who within the Thacholi family plotted against to stage a coup and get hold of the sword, making thief, who was later sold as slave to Tulunad’s King. The King also holds the key to secret magical cave where the sword was kept. Ambadi sets to Tulunadu, where he lures the princess, Sreedevi and get to know about whereabouts of the Key. Ambadi fights against King and his soldiers and grabbed the key from his necklace and proceeds to Magical Cave. He had to fight against Demoness who guards the sword as well as a Water Demoness. It’s truly a marvelous and mind blowing fight sequences. After getting back the Sacred Sword – “Bhadravaal” he returns to Kadathanadu with his Guru and Sreedevi. He said to his family about the wish to marry her, and they accepted her, but a big disaster was awaiting him.. What was is it? find out . Watch this classic master piece of Mohanlal. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew Kadathanadan Ambadi

Directed by Priyadarshan
Written by Cochin Haneefa , P. K. Sarangapani
Starring Mohanlal ,
Cochin Haneefa

Music by K. Raghavan
Edited by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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Malayalam Full Movie Info Kadathanadan Ambadi
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