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“Janmashatru” (1988) is a Malayalam Action movie. Directed by K. S Gopalakrishnan. Starring Vicent, Jayasree Menon, balan K . Nair, Bheeman Raghu, Anuradha & others. “Janmashatru” says about the life issues and social discrimination of the poor people. Especially to young women. Some new generation guys do not give the so called respect to women. They keep flirting with Women, and plays with their lives. But the sad thing is most of such tortured or molested women stays silent. They afraid to take a hand. As a result this type of people gets more motivation to do more. If the first woman had raise her voice, this series would never happen.’Janmashatru” handles this aspect as it’s central theme. In the character thread there is a very rich man called Avarachan. He is a bit aged now. But in his young moments he was brutal to woman. His son Johny is now following his father. He starts friendship with poor girls and grabs their life. Savitri Shankar is a very rich woman, but she too had a dark past, in which she had once tortured by Avarachan and his friend. She is now living for revenge. Nisar is Avarachan’s driver and rasool is his sister. Reena is Avarachan’s daughter. Rakhu is a straight forward inspector.
Movie starts with a scene from Avarachan’s home. Where Nisar joins as the new driver of Avarachan. Followed by Raghu’s joining as Police Inspector. His father Nanu is a constable there. But he din’t show much respect in Uniform. Johny keeps on disturbing girls. One day some college girls gone with a complaint to Raghu. He arrested Johny after a series of fight. But Avarachan takes him out in a simple bail. Johny kidnaps one of the girl who complaind. In the next scene there is the intro of Savitri Shankar. She invites Johny to home and threatens about the revenge to his father. Raghu goes for enquiry on behalf of his superior officer’s order. Savitri tells Raghu all her life disasters that Avarachan done to her and her family. Including the murder of her father. Mean while Reena gets atracted towards the straight forward character of Raghu. And they get married. On the other handJohny kidnaps and kills Rasool. Nisar gone for revenge and he kills Johny. Savitri appoints him as her new driver. And she starts her final preparation to finish him..So what may happen in the end? Will Savitri succeed in fulfilling her revenge? Will Ragu save him?  See full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment company.

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