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Movie Name
Directed by Gopinath Babu
Written by A. Sheriff
Starring Mammooty Mohanlal Sukumari
Music by Shyam
Cinematography C Ramachandra Menon
Edited by K Narayanan
Released Year

 ‘Enthino Pookkunna Pookkal” (1982) is a dramatic family movie.Directed by Gopinath Babu.  starring Mohanlal, Mammooty,Zarina Wahab, Ratheesh, Shankaradi, Sukumari and others. In simple line we may say this movie as a good piece of village framed drama. And yes it has some very intensive values in this high defined world. Nowadays if a boy and girl grow together, its very hard to keep a brother and sister relation, because of the change in our society and parameters.It goes into a friend’s knot some time later bulged in to a marriage. In this movie there is an extreme opposite attitude to this. Also the story says about the attitude of some rich guys towards the poor woman. Some of them only considering woman as a time pass. If we come to character line Savitri is the typical village woman, Shivaraman is a parent-less being. He lost them in his early childhood. He have been living with his uncle Nanu & his wife Madhavi. Savitri & Sumathi are their daughters.They grown up each other. Surendran is the guy that we just talked about. He was from a very rich family.Savitri was working in their paddy fields. Prameela is house wife and her husband is parlysed man.
Movie starts with the intro of Surendran and Savitri. Surendran was running a bullock cart for living. He gives all the money in Nanu’s home. But Nanu was very much font off with drinking liquor. Surendran always come for flirting with the women who is working in their. Shivaraman not liked him. Prameela feels affection towards Shivaraman. But Shivaraman says no to it. This shows his quality.Mean while Shivaraman and Surendran gets into a fight in the name of Savitri. One day Surendran’s mother came o Savitri’s home in seek of a servant. Savitri’s mother agreed to send her. Shivaraman strictly said against it, but they sent her. Before she go she said he had a love to Shivaraman. But he said he always look her through an eye of a brother. She felt respect to him. She asked him sorry and she left. Surendran’s home was like a dead pit. Surendran kept and black eye on her. She thought it as love. Surendran promised her he will marry her. She trusted him. But in the real pace it changed. One night Savitri lost everything. Soon after that Savitri got pregnant and Surendran’s mom do not trust her words. Surendran showed his real face. She lost her all hopes. she gone from there without telling any one. SO what may happen next? Will she suicide? Or Shivaraman could save her? Any thing else/ Switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot n Sour Entertainment Company.


Enthino Pookkunna Pookkal
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Kerala State Awards Obtained by Super Star Mohanlal