Movie Name
Directed by VK Unnikrishnan
Written by
Starring Jagathy Sreekumar, Ratheesh, Madhuri, Seema
Music by A. T. Ummer
Cinematography SJ Thomas
Edited by K Rajagopal
Released Year

 Ente Shabdam (1986) is a Malayalam action movie. Directed by   VK Unnikrishnan.Starring Ratheesh ,TG Ravi ,Ravindran ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Seema ,Madhuri ,Santhosh ,Sabitha Anand ,TR Omana ,Ramu ,Jose ,P Sukumar & others. Ente Shabdam means ‘My Voice’. This movie says both the equations of family relations and slogan of smugglers.  society is unhappy with current efforts to stop illegal drug smuggling, illegal drug use and distribution, no one seems to know what should be done. With drug use and drug related crime on the rise. Some people are saying that drugs should be legalized and controlled. Many people feel that this will eliminate the senseless violence that often goes hand in hand with illegal drugs. Although moral issues collide head to head with the idea of legalizing drugs, it seems legalization is the answer to the problem, but it is this proposed solution that has society divided. Whatsoever in this movie this comes in one part. In the other hand movie discusses about the problems faced by a straight forward police man. What is the balance sheet of a dedicated police officer? the public goes along with it and eats it up with a spoon, the average person doesn’t want to see police as executioners with badges because acknowledging they live in a police state makes them feel uncomfortable and scared. They very much sacrificing in their lives for the sake of society. Many of police people are staying far away from their families. Many dedicated officers lost their lives and family in between the dispute with criminals and their god fathers. But still they are wearing the hat for us.
In the movie Rajan & Shiva are brother and both are police officers. Rajan is very committed to his profession and font off with nabbing the culprits and anti socials. Shiva is not much serious about his job, he took long leaves and stays with his brother. Sumathi is Rajan’s wife. Her sister Swapna is in affair with Shiva. The sad part is Swapna is a drug addict and no one knows this. Maheswaran Thambi and his men wears the crown of drug & other smuggling.unfortunately Swapna got in to her hands. Her friend Meera is their sales agent. Her life got ruined through her. Abu is makes a living by running cycle tea shop. His cousin Laila too much loves him. But his uncle is a rude man, he had kept all the family wealth. Shiva is the child hood friend of Abu. One day Rajan had gone for a one man army operation into the smuggling godown of Maheshwaran Thambi after getting his locket from the dead body of a smuggler. He gave a good fight but Thambi’s men caught him and throw in the sea tides. Luckily Abu rescued him and he got a new home through Rajan’s. Rajan caught the smuggling van of Thampi but with the help of his bribing police men he escaped. Thampi’s men killed Rajan’s 5 year old son, Sumathi lost her consciousness. Rajan lost his hopes in law and order. He chose the path of smuggling and he made a lot of money. On the other hand Shiva took charge as the new officer in same police station. Things started a bit rude. Sumathi got kidnapped by Thambi. Rajan & Shiva chased him and goes for a super action climax. What will be the end of the movie? Watch full movie.


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Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty), Nayan Thara, Anushka, Thrisha, Kajal Agarwal

Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty)