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“Druva Sangamam” (1981) is a Malayalam romantic movie. Starring Sukumaran, Shubha, Reena, K. P Ummar, Mohanlal, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Manavalan Joseph, Alumoodan, Meena & others. Directed by Sasikumar. “Druva Sangamam” is about the life of a frustrated woman, who holds a tragic love affiar as well as an unhappy married life. Yes, we may say she is a bad eye. But like said, circumstances make people worse. Her situations made her like that. There are other movies too handled this subject. But “Druva Sangamam” is one of it’s kind to handle such theme. Also it’s on 80’s too. Rajalakshmi is the woman we talking about. She is from a very rich family too. She had an affair with Chandramohan who was a Boxing professional. But his financial background was not as good as her. But his uncle was a multi-millionaire. Since his Uncle had neither spouse nor children. Mohan believed to have all his wealth one day. But whenever he ask about this his uncle said a big “no”. He felt too dissapointed. But he was only making fun off him. Before he died he had written all his wealth in Mohan’s name. But it was too late. When Rajalakshmi got a good proposal from Krishnadas, an NRI business man she changed her mind and got married with him. it’s a bit confusing who is the so called guilty.Is it Mohan or Rajalakshmi. Any way it’s given into the consideration of viewers. This is the flash back , but revealed by the 1 part end of movie. Valsala is Krishnadas’s cousin sister, she had also a past, her brother Pathman was a thief. Her sister Geetha had a love affair with Shankaran kutty. Shankaran Kutty was really a fraud. Knowing this her father disagree for the marriage and beat Geetha. Unfortunately she died. When Shankarankuitty came to know this, he threatened him. He demanded that he want to marry Valsala. But he was too lost up with his mind. So he went from home. Finally as a safe place Valsala came to Krishnadas’s home. But Rajalakshmi never liked her. She forced her to do all the house hold jobs.
Movie starts with the affair in between Rajalakshmi & Mohan. Yes, even after marriage Lakshmi continued her affair with Mohan. When her husband gone for tour he usually visited her. When Mohan saw Valsala he felt crush to her. Valsala too felt the same. When things going like this, Krishnadas came back due to Iraq war and he came to know about the affair between Mohan & Valsala. He felt happy since he knew Mohan as a well mounted Business Magnet. Finally the marriage gone well. Soon after the marriage Krishnadas passed away due to a cardiac arrest. Rajalakshmi send Shankarankutty to them, he told Mohan that he already married  Valsala. Mohan believed him and puller Valsala off from home. Rajalakshmi planned to skip her off so thsat she can have Mohan again. such a brutal mentality isn’t it? Luckily she got into th safe hands of a doctor who were servicing in a charity foundation. She gave birht to her son. Finally Mohan came to know all about e truth from Pathman. Rajalashmi lost her mind when knowing about this. She went to kill her. Mohan & Pathman also gone to se her and bring back to home. So what may be the climax? Will Valsala have her life again? Or the crucket Rajalakshmi take her revenge? Find out. Brought you this movie by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


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