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Ashokante aswthikuttikku

“””””Ashokante Aswathikkuttiku”””” (1987) is a Malayalam romantic movie.Directed by Vijayan Karoote. Starring Soman, THilakan, Ashokan,Innocent, Shankaradi, Parvathy, Seema & others. This is a Romantic as well as a Political Movie. Movie is a free flow of Romance, but the central theme is a mixed juice. Ashokan & Aswathikutty are typical college students/ They are in love too. But they have the barrier of cast. Where as Ashokan is from a low cast and Aswathykutty is from a Very higher class, say a royal family. But Aswathy’s family is not much rich now. Ashokan’s family consist of a Brother Balakrishnan, his wife Rajamma.She is a teacher. and daughter. Ashokan’s parents were passed awayd long ago. Balakrishnan is a very straight forward politician. He is a Communist party activist. Kochanthu is a cunning Communist who is font off with money. Bappu is the son of Hamsa, who was killed in a communist movement. Sumitra is Aswathy’s friend and college mate.
The movie starts with the shot from college, whereas Ashokan and Aswathy have some romantic chat in Library.The next shot swifts to the homely snap of Aswathykutty. From it we may understand the old royal family of Aswathy. Balakrishnan is up with an election as MLA.Where as his all party people working hard for day and night. Ashokan too wroks with them. Election finishes and Balan wins with high margin. He is also elected as Minister. The next frame movie swifts to the daily activities and pressures on balakrishnan’s shoulder. His relatives and friends approaches him for transfer promotion etrc. But he is not willing o to any of it. He stays strong in his policies. Which makes all people dissapointed and upset. The movie gets more dramatic in this part. Ashokan manages Rajamma to convince his briother about marrying Aswathy. he agrees it first. but after he went to see the Bride he changes his mind. Ashokan register marry her. Still Balan opposes it. Rajamma feels very curious about this oppostion. She asked the mystery. He said it last./ What was that hidden mystery that made Balakrishnan to step back from his Aswathikutty? For that answer switch to Full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.””


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