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Ariyatha bentham
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Ariyatha bentham

“Ariyatha Bandham” (1986) is a Malayalam classic family and romantic movie. Directed by Shakthi. Starring Sujatha, Rahman, Amala, Senthil, Kovai sarala, Jaya shankar & others.You can call this as one of best malayalam classic stories ever in history. Not only the story it’s execution is also in perfect state. You may not feel the clock speed in this movie. In the story line it’s not much complex, but has the magic touch which may tremble most of the Audience. “”Ariyatha bandham”” lights the hard and thick honey of love in every mother’s heart. Yes in one line we may say this movie as a good piece of art more than just a movie. If we check the character line up. Kannan is a professional dancer. Not just a dancer he is currently the owner and authority of a Dance Organization. Many students stays with him and learns the magics within dance. He teaches both classic and cinematic dance. But each has it’s own hand script So he is very famous a

Ariyatha bentham
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